Wheatgrass Noodles
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[Image: WheatGrassNoodles1.jpg]

I had this tossed with salt and Extra Virgin Olive oil and added some Kelp on top. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds.
[Image: WheatGrassNoodles.jpg]
[Image: WheatGnoodles2.jpg]

I bought this from a local supermarket here in Singapore.
[Image: wheatgrass.jpg]
[Image: WheatGrass2.jpg]

Makes a 2-person portion
300g all purpose flour
180ml water
20g Fresh Wheatgrass
1/2 tsp salt

tapioca flour for dusting

1. Add water and wheat grass together to blend.
[Image: BlendWater.jpg]

2. Sieve out the pulp **DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY** and mix with flour and salt to knead into a dough.
[Image: mixit.jpg]

3. Run it thru the pasta machine a few times until it comes out flat and smooth.
[Image: smoothdough.jpg]

4. Cut it into desired shapes. Dust with tapioca flour.
5. Cook as per your recipe.

About the pulp
You can mix this with water and honey to make a nice juice. Its drunk as a healthy juice for cleansing or detoxing purposes.
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