What's for Dinner, Thursday 7/8??
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What's on the menu for everyone?

We're going down the hill for dinner. And, for a good cause - the gal who asked me to find/develop a corn dog recipe for her a couple years ago works at the restaurant we're going to. She used to work days (when we normally stop in), but has been working nights, so want to surprise her with the recipe tonight. I think she has waited long enough.

I must brag on our last night's dinner - Tested the flour tortilla recipes for the last time! and I was still very pleased with both.
[Image: FlourTortillasJuly72.jpg]

Made tostados for dinner, using my Black Bean & Corn Salsa -

But, early in the day to taste everything, we had to have -
[Image: tortillawBBCornSalsaJune7.jpg]

these little goodies were wonderful.

And, this was dinner -

Only right - Mexican food junkie that I am, we would finish testing the cookbook with a Mexican dinner...
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It looks delicious, Jean! I can't wait to hear what your friend has to say about the corn dogs!

Dinner tonight is supposed to be Pasta Cobb Salad, but if Ashley comes to dinner, I may have to switch it. I'm not sure I'd have enough chicken for three. We'll see. It's so hot, I don't think she'd mind having just a cold salad.
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I'm meeting a group of girlfriends that I grew up with. We get together once in the summer and again during the winter holidays when Carol comes in from Minnesota to visit family. Three of us actually went to kindergarten together, then met up with the other three a few years later. We all share a special friendship even fifty years later.

Anyway, we are meeting at J'Bella, a new Italian restaurant that my daughter went to recently. I'm already thinking about eggplant parm with a side of angel hair. Yummm!

Beautiful pics, Jean! Makes me hungry!

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