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So tonight I made apricot jam. Long and short they cooked in a water bath for 10 minutes and have been cooling for about 2.5 hours now. Out of 8 jars only 4, so far, have had the lids make that sucking noise and go down. So if by morning the other lids don't go down should I disgard them?

I have a feeling if I barely touched them they'd go down, but wanted to see if they'd do it on their own. There isn't any input in the canning book, or on the web that I see that mentions if the lids don't go down.
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My guess is by morning they will have all sealed. If not, by morning you put them all the the refer and eat a lot of jam in the next month or give them away - to really close family and friends. They will be fine. I make upwards of 300 jars of jam every year, and we have had not problem. Just be patient and let them seal at their own pace.
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I'm with Erin, sometimes it takes overnight for them to seal.
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They will be fine, Denise.
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Well they all sealed but one so that's the one I'm gonna use for us. Thanks for the info!

Lol it's really a good thing too cause I never tasted the jam before I sealed the jars. How stupid was that?

Now I'll be able to check the consistency and flavor. Hopefully this Wednesday I'll be getting plums. If I get enough I plan to make plum jam and plum infused vodka.

I found my grandmothers canning book and it has some really neat stuff in it. One is a champagne mustard that I simply must try.
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I agree with Jean. I'm loving trying different mustards lately, so if it's a good one, I'd love to try it.
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I'm gonna make it this week so I'll let you know. I need to find the tiny 1/2 pint jars and make a trip to a store that has champagne vinegar
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Denise, you might want to tuck this little idea in the back of your mind for jam making in the future. When I make fruit jams, I normally make more that one batch, so one of the batches I add minced jalapeno. These jams make the best topping for blocks of cream cheese, to dollop on a cracker with some goat cheese, or just so many other ways to use them for appys. The jalapeno (or serranos) just jazzes up the jam a little.
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Oh that sounds so yummy.

Well I opened one of the jars to taste and it's pretty good. A bit sweet, but then I guess 7 cups of sugar will do that. At least it wasn't grainy or runny

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