REALLY OT - Finding Grandparents Ranch
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This was one of our most fun 'projects' of the Yakima trip!!

Finding My Grandparent’s Ranch – In the 80s, we found it when we were living up here, but since then for some reason it has eluded us.

Finally got smart after a couple trips over the last few trips to Yakima and put in Maple Ave. in the GPS and….guess what, I found Mom & Pop Shelledy’s ranch – or what’s left of it. It used to be 5 acres. In the picture below, the open grassy area used to be the pear orchard; the huge tree was a huge tree when I was a kid.

We pulled in the driveway and this elderly lady came out to meet us and it turned out she and her husband bought the place from my grandparents and she’s been there all these years. It was just delightful for both of us to talk about how the place looked 50 years ago – we both got a little teary eyed. Except for the tall trees around the house, it looks so barren as they took out all the orchards – ‘Pop’ had pears, apples, & cherries.

[Image: MomPops1.jpg]

Along the road (left side of picture), which was a gravel road, my Grandmother had Lilac bushes the entire width of the front of the yard and when there was a breeze, it made the whole area smell of lilacs, the most wonderful aroma ever.
[Image: MomPops3.jpg]

[Image: MomPops5.jpg]
This is the only lilac bush left – the lady took them all out as soon as they moved in because she was scared to death of snakes! But, one root was left and the above bush was, thankfully, left.

This used to be the cherry and apple orchards behind and in front of where Roy is walking. The sheds were there but they’ve been updated over the years, they were just open sheds where ‘Pop’ kept all this tools like his pedaled grinding wheel that my sis and I love to sit at and play. Also, his big ole tractor and the attachments that ‘Mom’ was always afraid we’d hurt ourselves climbing around.
[Image: MomPops9.jpg]
Also, to Roy’s left is a levy for the irrigation canal on the other side. That was another big worry for my Grandparents, but I don’t think any of us ever had any troubles playing around it. Thinking back, geez, it’s a wonder she didn’t have apoplexy when we were running around there.

and the old tractor was still in residence…
[Image: MomPops13.jpg]

The only thing I missed was she didn’t invite us inside her house, darn. I would have loved to have seen it.

Couldn't get a good picture of the old house because of huge trees almost hiding it, but it did look quite the same.

Now, I can hardly wait for our next Wednesday with my aunt - she is going to be so surprised to see all the pictures of her old home. (gonna be another emotional day... )

These are the Norwegian grandparents and my grandma is the one who made lefse on her wood stove and try to keep up with us eating them! As you can tell these grandparents and their farm were my favorite place in the world when I was a little girl. It’s the only old house in the whole area. I suppose when this lady dies, it will go also, which will be so sad.
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Oh Jean what a wonderful thing It's sad when see how much stuff changes and yet so exciting to see it no matter what and remember things. I wonder why they got rid of the pear trees.

How much land did they retain, cause it looks pretty good sized still?
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What a great thing! I love memories like those. And to still find the house standing. We have had people show up here at this house that grew up here. of course I think it was only 15 years ago that they left
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That is awesome, Jean. I'm glad you have finally found it. It's a shame they took out the orchard, though. I know you and your aunt are going to have so many memories to share.
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What great memories, Jean, and how fun to see it all again.
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That is so neat, Jean. I love this kind of stuff. Luckily my Mom does, too, and what little we can't keep up with, she does it for us.

Nice little trip down memory lane. I'm sorry too that you couldn't go inside. Being the brazen brat that I am, I would have asked. (And yes, I actually did once....and she let me in)


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