Buffal Chicken Bruschetta Review - Issue #82
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If you like Buffalo chicken wings, I think you'll like this recipe - it's hotter than h*ll, but the flavors are so good! I didn't make bruschetta, rather I combined the topping ingredients and put them over a layer of mozz. It made a really good pizza also.

[Image: BuffaloChixPizza.jpg]

Next, might make a pizza topping out of the Shrimp Salsa Topping. This make a great light dinner.
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Sounds good, Jean. Since you think it's hot, I may reduce the heat a little when I try it. Thanks for the picture and review.
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Looks great! That is a clever way to use those toppings I really liked the idea of the bruschetta, but wasn't sure I would make them. This varies things up a bit.
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buffalo chicken AND grilled pizza? have I died and gone to heaven?

Everything tastes better Alfresco!

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