Jean's Corn Dogs---yummy!
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Made these for lunch today and they turned out great! Everyone should try these; much better than those frozen things from the store.

Very easy to make, but just a little tip. When you pour the batter in a tall glass and are ready to dip the hot dog, don't waste a lot of time messing around because the batter will start coming back off if you start twirling it around like I did. The less I fussed, the better they looked.

We dipped these in spring roll sauce, then Chinese hot mustard. Excellent!

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Aren't they fun! I want to try them again with the changes.
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BTW, forgot to mention: I DID make the hot dogs with the tempura as I had mentioned. Instead of whole hot dogs, I cut them into nuggets, coated them, fried them, and served them with sweet-chili sauce. All in all, it was okay, but the hot dogs were much slicker than other things usually used with tempura, so more flour would probably be necessary, instead of the standard tempura ratio, so the batter would be thicker and hold better.

It still tasted good, though.
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I'm so glad you liked them, Maryann!! I have a couple of ideas for dipping (that are on my desk at home...) and of course, I can't remember what they are.
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