Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
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I don't remember if I've posted this before, but it is wonderful!! I use as a pasta salad sauce, pizza sauce (base), on panini sandwiches, crostini, and on and on. Makes two cups.

2/3C chopped oil packed sun dried tomatos
2/3C packed fresh basil leaves
2/3C packed fresh flat leaf parsley leaves
1/2C extra virgin olive oil
6T toasted pine nuts
4T grated Parm/Reg cheese
3 garlic cloves minced
salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

Blend well in a food processor, adding the oil in a drizzle to everything else until pesto consistancy. I freeze in plastic wrap in ice cube trays and if I double the recipe I freeze some in larger containers. I've kept it under -10 degrees for two years in the freezer, wrapped tightly.

P.S. I just made a batch--add a little squeeze of fresh lemon and a little extra oil--I like the consistancy and the lemon adds freshness--to your taste!!
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Ooh! This sounds good. I like using sun-dried-tomato pesto as a sauce for pizza.
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Thanks for the recipe, Bill. I've added it to next weeks menu, probably with pasta, although, I've been considering doing pizza Sunday night while OS is here. But that's only if I can get some parsely. They only had curly at the store yesterday.
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Let me add my thanks as well, Bill. This is my favorite kind of pesto, but I've only actually made it myself one time and it was just okay. Looking forward to trying your recipe.

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Can't remember if I have this one...will check. sounds very tasty.
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Wow, just WOW!! had a lot of basil to use before heading out for camping, so I whipped up some of this. THANK YOU, Bill, it was so good. I will never make it without the sun dried tomatoes again. Oh and the lemon juice, very very good
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BUMMER! Here I had decided to make pizza tomorrow night, and I wanted one with this on it. Then I realized, my parsley bolted...after nursing it through a whole winter!...and the local store doesn't carry ANY kind of parsley usually, and the store in town has quit carrying Italian Parsley in bunches. I couldn't figure it out until the last time I was there I realized they are now carrying it in those dinky plastic boxes for the same price they used to carry it for a whole bunch! HIGHWAY ROBBERY!

Bill, can I use curly or better yet, all basil, which I have in abundance?
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Bill, I don't know how I missed this post. That pesto sounds incredible. The recipe is saved and I plan to make it after the troops leave on the 5th.

Daphne, I'm sorry! and unfortunately in the same position as Italian parsley bolted this week, too. I was counting on an unlimited supply through the summer. I do have one curly parsley plant, but I had planned on that being the sacrificial donation to the swallowtail butterflies. Their larvae usually show up before then end of July, and they seem to prefer the curly parsley when both are available. I think I'll check out the local garden centers to see if I can replant.
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Hey, thanks for the info on the curly for the butterflies. We have a love/hate relationship. In years past, I've started my parsley in the spring and took it through the summer if I could save it from the butterflies. I usually just checked my plant every day and pulled the caterpillars off...didn't kill them, just sent them on their way. But I had never tried to take it through the winter until Jean pointed out that she could....surely I could. And I did, but then it bolted on me! POOH!

I think I'll do what you suggest and just replant. I gave up cutting the blooms. Is there ANY chance it will replant itself? One thing I DO know. I'll be getting a curly variety for the butterflies! THANKS!
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I think the parsley is a filler and to increase the green color influence. The basil is the key--I think any parsley will do--try all of it. It's really good. Maybe the basil is ok by itself--I wouldn't mind. Remember it is sun dried tomato basil pesto--that is the predominate flavor combination.
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