Rev-Thai Cashew Noodles (issue 80)
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This recipe sounded very good (Thai food, what’s not to like?), and the photo certainly looked promising, but the final result was a pretty neutral “eh”. DH would give it a 5, I’d go for 4.

All of the ingredients promised a very flavorful entree but that was not to be, it was bland even with adding a little extra Shriracha. I don’t know what could be done to remedy this, maybe double the sauce ingredients (except for the cashew butter, which would make the fat-grams-per-serving soar).

I used less than half of the additional water (to thin the sauce) than was recommended because it became too thin.

And a note about the recipe directions. Thin the sauce with hot water after whisking the cashew butter, lime juice, etc. together, then add to the noodles and vegetables. The directions were out of order on this.

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Thanks for the review, Vicci. Even the so-so and bad ones help. I hate when it happens, but hey, they all can't be winners.
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I made this a while ago too. I remember being more impressed with cashew butter than anything else. I set me off making all kinds of nut butters. I never made it again, so apparantly I wasn't impressed either. I should have warned everyone.

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