Our visit with Daphne
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We just got home around 1 a.m. from our week long trip to South Carolina. We had a gorgeous (but very hot!) week in Myrtle Beach with our daughters, their families and my in-laws.

On Thursday, Ron and I drove to Southport to meet Daphne and William for lunch and a good visit. William was working, so we met at his office. He took us to his favorite Thursday lunch spot a few blocks from his office. The owner is Vietnamese and a fabulous cook! Following William's lead, Ron and I had the Spicy Chicken lunch special. Actually, we got the last three; it goes fast and we found out why!

The dish that was brought out to us was HUGE, especially for a lunch. There was a large chicken quarter that had been marinated, then roasted; a huge portion of lightly fried rice with shrimp, and a very large egg roll. The flavors were divine! I can't remember the last time I wanted a recipe so much, but Daphne said it would be hard to obtain as the chef speaks very little English. We were so busy talking that I completely forgot to take a picture of our lunch, so will have to take one next time. We can't wait to go back in September and yes, we will be going on a Thursday again!

After lunch, William had to return to his office, so Daphne gave us a tour of Southport, a very pretty coastal town about an hour north of Myrtle Beach. I can see why Daphne loves it so much! The older part of town has many beautiful historic homes along the water, very well maintained, with signs telling you when they were built. We also got to see the beautiful home where the DeLaney children grew up and the school right across the street from their home where Daphne taught for 16 years.

Here is a picture of the four of us.
[Image: June2010024.jpg]

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I'm coming back to reread slowly!! How great you all got together again. and you know we're all very envious!
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What a great picture!!! I am so glad you guys got to hook up I just love how many of us have been able to meet each other. It's what makes the magazine so special. This simple magazine about cooking has brought so many of us together
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Oh how exciting! Sounds like a great visit and a great lunch too! Love seeing the photos. Yes, it is so nice that some of us can get together on occasion. I love it!
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You guys look terrific! Glad you had such a great time together.
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What a happy looking crowd. It sounds like you all had a great visit.

Bob and I were talking to day about trying, over the course of time, to make a giant circle of the country visiting friends, friends to be, and family. I can't wait to get moved into the motorhome!!!
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It looks like you were all having a great time! I'm so envious, I'd just love to get together to meet all of you, but that means I'd actually need to take a ---VACATION---and I don't think I've had one of those since 2003.

I'm glad you all had a great time. If anyone of you ever shows up in my neck of the woods/seacoast, I'd be happy to take you to some of my haunts!

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Same here, anyone doing the North East part of circling the country, please stop here. So that means you Sharon and Bob
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Well done, Maryann! It was funny, they really did get the last three specials and it was only around 12:30! The chef's ex-husband/business partner (don't ask...long story) is bartender/manager and KNOWS this is William's favorite, so when we came in, Brian came over to warn us. Maryann isn't kidding about the size of the egg rolls either. My kids grew up on these things and they're practically a meal in themselves. They obviously don't use the same egg roll wrappers we find at the grocery store or Asian Market around here. There is no way I could get one of those wrappers to make that large of an eggroll, but then, I'm not Vietnamese. A funny aside, Chef Joanne's Aunt Kim (who is the one with the Kim's Spicy Chicken recipe) comes in a couple times a week to roll the egg rolls. Joanne says she hates rolling them. When I think about how popular those egg rolls are, and how many they must sell each week, I am staggered by the work this little old lady does in just one or two days a week!

Not only were their plates HUGE, mine was large and very pretty! I can't believe I didn't even take my camera in for pictures. I got two large fish tacos with all the fixings...VERY GOOD! The fish was cut in a ~1" cube strip and fried with a thin crispy coating. It was served with tortilla chips which I'm pretty sure were fried "in house" with house made salsa.

It is a very unique restaurant with an eclectic menu...Vietnamese, Cuban, American. There's something for everyone! They also have an extensive menu of beers...I forget how many imports they have, but it's a lot for a little place with only 5 tables for four (with two more outside) and around 15 places at the bar.
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Oh what fun! Everyone looks so happy and TAN!! I feel like Casper or something. I may sneak into Maryann's suitcase in September so I can come along next time. This really is such a special forum. I feel a grope hug coming on........remember that one??haha

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