Thai Salad - C@H Issue #2
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All I can say is, I hate these salads! It's impossible not to make them so darn big you just can't eat everything! There are 10 salad ingredients plus won ton garnish - it's ridiculous. But the flavors are just wonderful!

I even made my own won tons - I know I made these years ago, but I'd forgotten how easy and fast they are. But, this time I used my pasta roller and just zipped thru them. I'd give this dinner a 9.

I also made Apricot/Pineapple Cobbler recipe. I winged it for my B'day and wanted to get the recipe written properly. Boy, is it good. AND along with that made some Chocolate Frozen Yogurt. Geez, no wonder I was so stuffed!!!!

This Issue #2 has some really good and fast ideas, perfect for right now.
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I'll have to go back and take a look. That is the issue I started with!
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