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Still suffering from jet lag (after 4 days). After a bit of a health scare, we decided to go to Europe this year. We spent the first week on a river cruise from Budapest to Nurenburg. The food on board was good - nothing special, meaning nothing that you can't find in any good restaurant.

We rented a car in Nurenberg and toured Germany for a week. The food highlight was an amuse bouche of a white asparagus custard. I'm going to try to create one with green asparagus - I'll let you know how it turns out. I've got the grands for about 10 days starting Tuesday and I won't be able to try this until after they leave. A cream of watercress soup also was lovely.

We spent the last 9 days in Belgium and Holland - we had the moules avec pomme frites (mussles and fries) which was excellent. My friend had a built in steam oven, it was small - but they eat a lot of soft-boiled eggs and it cooks them to perfection in 4 minutes.

All, in all, we had a blast, despite having more rain than sun.

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Welcome back. What a wonderful trip! Sorry about the health scare though.

Don't feel too awful about the weather - most of us here have had more rain than sun - well, at least a lot of us!
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Wow! What a trip! Welcome home!
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Welcome home from what sounds like a fantastic holiday!!!

"we had the moules avec pomme frites (mussles and fries)" - so were the mussels prepared in the steam oven?? Hmmmm, sounds like a good combination. So does the asparagus dish - will be anxious to hear how you do with it.
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What a fabulous trip! I'm glad the health scare didn't prevent you from enjoying it.

I think I ate my weight in mussels last summer when we were in Holland and Belgium. They were so delicious. The one thing I couldn't do, however, was to dip my fries in mayonnaise. It may taste good, but I couldn't get over the fat content in that particular combination. (Pretty ironic, considering my love of tasty food!)

That asparagus dish sounds really intriguing. Keep us posted on your experiments.

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