Review: chili rubbed pork chops
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I just love the Chili Rubbed Pork Chops with Honey Jalapeno Smashed Sweet Potatoes from the Cuisine for Two cookbook. Tonight is the second time I made them and I cannot believe I did not review them the first time. I even wrote comments on how delicious they were first time around. The pork chops are served with a warm pineapple/scallion salsa. I put extra scallions. The same goes for the jalapeno in the mashed sweet potatoes. It calls for one tablespoon, and I remember adding the entire jalapeno with no problem so today I threw in two jalapenos. That was a perfect tasty burn. This is so tasty, I am adding it to my "serve to company" list.

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Oooooh - have to try this one. Couldn't find any decent jalapenos in the store today - I have everything else.
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How did we miss that one, Sharon, seems right up our alley! Thanks Theresa - on the list!
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I like new pork recipes! Who am I kidding, I like any new recipes! Thanks, Theresa!
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