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"My Bread" by Jim Lahey. It's interesting to read about his background, but I didn't find the rest of the book that helpful. Most of us have already tried variations on his "no-knead" recipe.

"The Recipe Club"--only read about the first 20 pages and got bored, so can't really say if the story line improved. If anyone else reads this and thinks it's worth sticking it out, I'll try it again.

"Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day"---just got this yesterday, started reading it last night and love it! This is an interesting method for bread baking and the book has some great sounding recipes. Definately worth reading if you like to bake your bread regularly.

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I have the recipe club and will start that in a couple of days
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"Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" I've heard a lot of good things about this one. I've seen where several bloggers have blogged their way through the book...all with rave reviews. I may have to get that one.
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"Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" OOO, Maryann, OOOO, Daph, you HAD to make me look. OMG now what will become of me.....good bye bathing suit, hello carbs...DAMMMNT
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I've got so many bread books now, I'll never get thru them before I'm out to pasture.

"The Recipe Club" was on my list, but since I have such a backlog of things to read, I'll skip this one. Thanks Maryann.
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I read The Recipe Club. It was a quick read, I managed it in 2 days reading only at my breaks and at traffic lights. It was light reading. Not a great book by any means but kept me entertained waiting for the delivery trucks to unload.

SPOILER ANNOUNCEMENT (but it looks like nobody cares, so I'll go ahead)

In the end, the two girls find out they're actually sisters. One's father had an affair with the other one's mother.

Like I said, not a book I'd buy, but it was a fast, semi amusing read. Recipes are basic, but who can pass up a book with recipes, on the chance there might be something good??

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 2.

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The wonderful thing about Artisan in Five, is that you can make whatever size loaves you want, so you don't have to have huge one and then eat it out of guilt. Really versatile. I have also left the dough in the fridge past 14 days and it was even better. Always save a little from one batch to add to the next. There are healthier loaves in there as well (there is another one out with healthy bread recipes, but I've not read it)My favorite way to bake it is in an oval 3.5 qt LC pan. I use high-tempt parchment as a sling and don't really have to clean the pot. I can't remember if I posted my tips or not, so if anyone wants them after they try it, please let me know.
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"My Bread" arrived yesterday. Went through it quickly in the car, and can't wait to make several of the recipes.
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Oh, I'm glad you like it Lorraine. It is a good book. I just liked the other one a bit more.

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