Summer Camp
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Ok, here is another one. Wish I could aford to do this one!

Tom Douglas Adult Culinary Summer Camp
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Wow! Wish they had scholarships or grants.
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That sounds like a great time!
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That does look like fun, Erin! Check out this one!

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Wow, I'd give a lot to go to one of these, wouldn't that be fun??
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That Sur la Table sounds fabulous!
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I just got a beautiful catalog from CIA @ Greystone in Napa. I just put it away. I'd love the "summer camp"! Not for a while yet!
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That would be soooo much fun! I do either, IF I had that kind of cash lying around...LOL!
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Erin - I would really love to do this !
maybe someday -
I would likte to go to his Serious Pie restaurant -
hope to this summer.
I have been checking out several Classes around Seattle
hope to have kids go with me.
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