Tuesday (it is tuesday, isn't it?) Dinner??
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I'm making the dinner review salad for tonight. Also, going to play with making pita bread AND if there is enough time, one other thing I've been wanting to make for the longest time.

don't know if any of you c2c'ers remember my little friend "Daria" from one of the "eastern block" countries (just can't remember which one now), anyway she is such a sweetie. She was working for a chef in Chicago who made chickpea frites and she was always going to find the method of making them for me, but never did. I found a recipe for them last week in a newsletter from Food & Wine!! Hopefully, I can play with those today also.

What are you all up to?
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  Re: Tuesday (it is tuesday, isn't it?) Dinner?? by cjs (I'm making the dinne...)
I wanted to make the ribs tonight, but I got way too much seafood on the menu this week, so I need to do one of those. William and "the employee" are here working on the "house" at the camp today, and YS, Andrew, is now working for a tree removal service. The temps are close to 100! I think I'll do the Cajun Shrimp Fettucine from Cuisine Tonight. Some may remember my reluctance to add the raw egg at the end of that one the first time I made it.

Since I'll be making pasta, I think I'll play with the extruder and dry some to see how that's going to work for when school starts back. We've also managed to kill off both loaves of popcorn bread in 3 days, so I may make some more. Since I had to put off my trip to "the city" until tomorrow, I could take pasta and bread to DD when I meet up with her....that, some frozen corn and fresh tomatoes and she'll be in heaven!
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I put the chicken in the crockpot this morning so that we can have tostadas tonight. I need to run to the market for a couple of things. I will probably pick up some things to make a salad.

Trying to keep it simple today, I have my 21 month old nephew today and he is keeping me hopping! I'm so used to having "big" kids now, I didn't remember it was going to be all this work!! lol
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I think I'll make the steak and potato skewers with the tomato and mozzarella grilled salad - can't remember if they called it a Napoleon or Caprese - from one of the C@H Grilling books.

Oh, Meg, those toddlers can be bundles of energy. You'll have a nice workout today!
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We are having the Thai Chicken salad tonight too. As an appy before dinner we'll have a tuna sashimi served on cucumber. I really want to try this one - really simple and makes a bucketload. I think that ginger lime cocktail I posted last summer would go really well with it - must find that.

I'm supposed to go help Jennifer consolidate 2 storage units so probably a good thing dinner is simple.
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We're having white bean/chicken chili. Usually I make some toasted baguette slices with it but something has to give here - the pounds have been creeping on this year so I will probably skip the bread. I think that's my only hope - cutting out 200 calories or so per day and maybe I'll gradually lose what I've put on.

I guess that was much more information that what was asked.
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I'm on the low carb diet this week--tonight--leftover baby backs and lettuce with vinager and oil. One glass of red wine.
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  Re: Tuesday (it is tuesday, isn't it?) Dinner?? by cjs (I'm making the dinne...)
Nothing special here - it is SO very hot - got out some pulled pork from the freezer that Mister smoked several months ago - plus some left over herbed rice and left over Southern black eye peas (I made a huge pot of them Sunday since Granddaughter was going to be here for lunch) - I have physical therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I always try to have something easy on those days ~ ~
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I want to make the Thai chicken salad, but am having trouble finding all the ingredients. One more store to try and I am taking the recipe for the Korean style Bulgogi as my back up. I am anticipating trouble finding everything for that as well, but I will try to make do.
I made the slow cooked chicken and burritos last night and my hubby says I can make that anytime I want. It was delicious, thanks cjs, for the idea. I used organic black bean and vegetable burritos to make it somewhat healthier! I just love this forum!

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Tabs, if you have trouble with ingredients, like I do, I've found this group can be quite creative in making substitutions or suggesting that it can be left out altogether.

The enoki mushrooms are the only thing I anticipate having trouble with for the Thai Salad. I'm looking at them as more a garnish than an important element in the salad, so if the ONE Asian market or Fresh Market in "the City" doesn't have them, I'll probably just leave them out.

If you're talking about Lab's Bulgogi recipe, he's really good at making suggestions for things! Probably because he's always having to sub so often himself. I have not made that one yet either, due to hard to find ingredients. I'm glad you reminded me. I hope to find the missing stuff tomorrow. I'll go add those to my list. Thanks!
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