Feb 11th Dinner Review
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Hi all. I guess I will be the first to review this dish.

Coconut Pork cutlets
Brazilian-style black beans
Lemon Bars (Sorry, still have not made these)

Overall we liked the dish. I will be making it again. It is a nice change of flavors and style of cooking and other than the fat content from the coconut, a pretty healthy dinner too. I made one change, made a couple mistakes, one thing did not work out well for me, and have one more proposed change.

One change I did make - I served it over wilted spinach instead of rice. Other than that made the recipe as written (well almost but that is my mistake)

The mistake, I did not measure my Orange Juice for the beans and really did not think through that part of the recipe. I had too much orange juice - didn't want to waist any left over juice from an orange I hade zested a few days earlier for a different recipe) so just added it. The beans were pretty soupy, so by the time the liquid reduced enough - the beans, the onion and the poblano were overcooked. Would definately under cook the onion and poblano next time - we wanted more bite to the for both texture and flavor.

The next is the proposed change - but may be part of a mistake too - I held it over by about 2 minutes before serving and the oranges got a little too soft. If I was to make it again as wrtiten, I would put the oranges and tomatoes on after dishing up the pork and the beans - so they looked nicer. But, we also thought the flavor and substance of mango might go better than the mandarine oranges.

The Problem: My breading did not stick on the pork. Flavor was still good, but it was not a pretty presentation with half of the breading/coconut falling off. Not sure why this happened. I have noticed in other dishes when I mix panko or bread crumbs with something else - coconut or parm. cheese - I have this problem. Any suggestions? I can make a very nice cutlet and have no problem witht he coating when using the flour/egg/straight bread crumb method.

Overall we like the dish. Didn't think it was a spectactular dish - but we will make again. I think I would rate it a 7.5
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Coconut Pork Cutlets
Very good, but since I don't like shredded coconut (it's a texture thing), I left that out, and I'm sure the coconut flavour of the dish was not as intense as it should have been. In fact, it was almost hidden amongst the other flavours. No problems with the breading - it worked perfectly, but, again, I had only the panko, and no shredded coconut.

Erin, perhaps it would work better keeping the panko and the coconut separate, then assembling in the following sequence:
  1. Cornstarch
  2. Coconut milk
  3. Shredded coconut
  4. Coconut milk, again
  5. Panko
As for the beans: these were great - much better than I had expected. Will make these again, and like Erin's idea of using mango. Since the recipes said, "1/2 cup mandarin oranges -- drained," I figure it must have meant canned mandarin oranges, because freshly peeled and segmented ones would not need to be drained. Of course, the canned mandarin oranges do tend to be a little sweeter and juicier than fresh tangerines, so I'm sure that was figured into the recipe.

At first, the sweetness of the mandarins seemed out of balance with the rest, but after everything had sit for a minute, it blended delightfully. About the only adjustment I would make (aside from experimenting with using mango) would be to add a little more cilantro and, perhaps, a touch of cayenne.

I, too, did not get to make the lemon bars, but would love to, eventually.

Thanks for the menu selection, Erin!
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Well, I may as well confess. Talk about comedy of errors! I had my chops thawed and ready to go and went to get everything out and ready. Earlier in the day yesterday, my oldest, who had come home to do laundry, eat, and raid the pantry, fridge, and freezer, was getting ready to leave. I meticulously laid out the things he could take, being careful that I left my beans and oranges IN the pantry. Unfortunately, I forgot the coconut milk was out on the counter where I was setting out his stuff. Needless to say, he took off with the coconut milk (and YS's Carolina Treet BBQ Sauce that he loves so well)! I did make a recipe from the book...the Gremalata Chops (sp?) and they were very good, but no Brazilian Feast at my house! Hopefully, one day soon (after I find the unsweetened coconut...another debacle), I'll make this. I'll be anxious to see everyone else's reviews! Sorry guys...I tried!
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  Re: Feb 11th Dinner Review by esgunn (Hi all. I guess I ...)
I just didn't get around to making this menu in time to participate here. Great reviews and I will pay attention to the adjustments when I end up making this one.
I have a similar recipe from the Weeknight II book on the list for this week.
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Thanks for the review, Erin, (and Labs). I didn't get around to shopping (I refuse to buy meat and produce at Walmart, and weather is just keeping me from driving to a real store. I'm just not planning far enough in advance, I guess.

This sounds very good, I've printed out the notes you both have made for when I do make it.

My only thought to your panko problem,, other than what Labs has mentioned, is chilling after breading. I always do this, and I seem to have good luck with it. Off to check to recipe again!

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Daphne! Kids do that kind of stuff, don't they? I'm forever reaching for something I knew I bought only to find the kids beat me to it!! Well, at least they're cooking, and using good ingredients

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Isn't that the truth...LOL! I am usually soo careful about my ingredients. "Do not use this! Consider all food stuff an ingredient! Ask first!" It doesn't always work, but it has helped. This time it was my fault! That milk was right there crowded in with the food stuffs I had set out on the counter for him to take! Oh well!

Now that I think on it, I may as well send him the recipe. He even snagged some dry black beans and all he'd need would be the pork , coconut, and the oranges...LOL! He'd love it! He's my most adventurous eater. Plus he LIVES in Wilmington, so he may be able to find the unsweetened coconut! (And a place to buy unusual ingredients I haven't been able to find. Sounds like a plan!)
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Daphne, One tip they gave in the magazine - if not this one, then one of the other issues - try health food stores. Maybe there is a health food store in Willmington?
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I'm doing mine tonight, so will check in tomorrow a.m.

Erin, I'm with PJ - chilling after breading really does help.
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I made the the cutlets and we were pleas
antly surprised....and for your info I used sweetened coconut flakes and no problem whatsoever!!!

Erin--I think you might want to increase your heat a little before you add the cutlets to the oil/fat/butter (whatever you may use). I find that a higher heat will brown the crust beautifully and you will have a moist/tender meat at the end of the production----IMHO (I'm not an expert but this works for me!!)

I did not not have the black beans and did not have the time to cook the dried ones...served with a nice salad and rice---good to go!!! This will be done again----we would give this a 7 as well!!

Lemon bars were YUMMM!!!!! I have made these previously---always a nice light touch for dessert---LOVE lemony anything!!!
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