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The mangosteens are in season, and a friend is going to be dropping off a bunch (not sure how many) in a little over an hour. These little gems are wonderful snacks, but I've wondered about any recipes that could use them.

I'm not sure of the exact status of mangosteens in the U.S. - they used to be prohibited because of their chance of carrying destructive fruit flies, but I have read that they may, now be available.

For those of you who are still wondering, "Mangowhat?" here's a photo (grabbed from another website):
[Image: 0120kampong20mangosteenfs0.jpg]
For more information, see the Wikipedia article.

So far, my search for recipes has yielded the usual ones for preserves or sorbet, but a few interesting things have been there, as well, such as Flambéed Mangosteen and Rambutan Salad and Thai Mangosteen Clafouti.

Anyone here have any experience with mangosteens, and some recipe suggestions?
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I'll look at Central Market next time--never heard of them--interesting name though.
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I have never had them, never seen them, thought they look fantastic! I am pretty sure I have seen mangosteen juice or extract in the health food section - really good for antioxidant or some such thing. Please let us know what you do with them, and how they are.
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Got about 30 of them, and he said more would be available in about a week. I'll have to try some of these recipes to see how they do. If they are good in recipes, I'll get a bunch more. If not, I already know they are great as snacks, and will just get enough for snacking. I'll report back on the recipes as I find others, or after I've tried the ones I mentioned.
If blueberry muffins have blueberries in them, what do vegan muffins have?
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What a pretty picture, Labs. They do look tasty. So, is the consistency similar to a peach? If so, I think I would try making a pie.


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The only thing that I know that uses mangosteens are a drink called Xango. I have a friend who is a distributor of it and I know her experiences with it are that it will cure what ever ails you. It has been amazing for her husband who has ms.
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We can get mangosteens frozen at the Asian supermarket here. I'll be anxious to see what you do with yours and what you think - may have to give them a try.
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These are curious looking. What do they taste like?
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Interesting, indeed!!!! Must be a cross between mangos and langostines

Seriously, never heard of them and would love to know what they are and how you use them!!! They sort of look like passion fruit (outside) and some type of seafood (inside).

Please do tell what you come up with-----
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I think I saw these at the Central Market in Poulsbo, but since I was shopping for a party, I didn't let myself get side-tracked. Will have to get back there soon!
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