Irish Whiskey Butter
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Here you go Jean!

Irish Whiskey Butter - for St. Patrick's Day

1 tbsp sugar
9 tbsp butter -- softened
3 tbsp whiskey

Heat the whiskey and sugar in a pan until hot then stir in the butter until melted and fully combined. Allow to cool.

Note: when I made this, I allowed the whiskey and sugar to cool then kneaded it into the softened butter. Re shaped by rolling in wax paper and chilling. (I made this day before yesterday and stuck my finger in it - boy, is it tasty. I can't wait to have it slathered on soda bread. )

And here's the thread where you posted it: Irish Whiskey Butter
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Thanks Daphne, I did finally find it in my 2010 book! I'm so anxious for dinner today!!!
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