I'm hosting my book club tomorrow night and am responsible for providing drinks and dessert. Other people will bring appetizers. I don't have the desire, inspiration, or time to bake something this time, and absolutely refuse to go buy a dessert, so I think chocolate fondue will be a fun, easy alternative.

I have the pot but I'm not a fan of chocolate fondue, so the only one I usually make is with white chocolate because that's what friends and relatives usually request.

I'd love to do something with bittersweet or dark chocolate. Does anyone have a favorite recipe? TIA!

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This is a good one -

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Oh that sounds so good.
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Another idea....I do a "dessert" involving a chocolate bag and Kahlua flavored whipped cream. Just coat a waxed bag (like you find in the grocery section where you bag your own doughnuts) with bittersweet chocolate. Just open it up, roll down the sides a bit, invert it on a plate, and smear the melted chocolate on. Be sure you don't have any thin places, or your "bag" will break. Chill "bag" until time to serve.

When time to serve, gently peel bag away from chocolate. Place "bag" on a large pretty platter. Mix Kahlua with whipped cream until flavor is right for you and fill bag. Surround "bag" with cubed pound cake from the grocery store. Provide toothpicks and serve! I could eat the whole thing myself! YUM! (You can also serve pineapple chunks and/or strawberries with the pound cake.)

Don't have time for the bag? Skip it...it's still good! If the bag breaks, put whipped cream in a pretty bowl and break off pieces of chocolate and arrange them in the whipped cream or around dish for dipping. Can't find the right kind of bag? Coat the "outside" curve of cabbage leaves to make small bowls instead.

BTW, this is especially good when served with hazelnut flavored coffee....I'm talking coffee with Frangelica added, not the "fake" stuff...LOL!
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The bag sounds amazing, but not for tonight! I'm going to give the epicurious recipe a try. Thanks for the help.

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Daphne, I love the sound of that dessert recipe! Not sure if I would be patient enough to work with the chocolate, but sure would like to try. Yummm!

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Chocolate Fondue anyone?

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