Just sent this as an email to my parents, in the States, but you guys will probably find it interesting, as well.

Have been learning more about róbalo - the fish I like so much here.

First, the good news: Despite earlier confusion, I have finally confirmed that róbalo is, indeed, "common snook" (Centropomus undecimalus). Once that was definite, and I began searching the web for "snook," instead of "róbalo," I found site after site of people who said it was the fish they most enjoyed catching, and the best fish they had ever tasted, so I guess that says a lot about my liking it so much, as well.

Now the bad news: you will probably never get a chance to taste it since it is illegal to sell in the U.S., and especially protected in Florida. All the Americans who enjoy it in the U.S. do so by catching it themselves during strict seasons with strict size limits (minimum AND maximum).

The details: they are on the Atlantic AND Pacific coasts, but are most common in the Caribbean (hence why we have them here). They can get up to 55 inches long, and up to 50 pounds, and the world-record catch is 53 pounds, 10 ounces.

Here are a couple of pictures I found on the web:

[Image: robalo31082005.jpg]

[Image: centropomusundecimalis.jpg]
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Róbalo: the good news and the bad news

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