Has anyone here had success (or lack of success) freezing garlic?

I have this wonderful huge container of garlic from Sam's Club (you know peeled cloves). I was wondering if I could either mince and freeze or just freeze whole cloves.

Any thoughts on the matter?
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Personally, I'd roast it and freeze it as Jean has instructed elsewhere....in oil, so you have the lovely oil as well. But we'll see what others say.
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Laura, I've chopped it up and frozen as I would chopped onions and it works in cooked dishes, not in anything fresh really, imo.
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  Freezing Garlic luvnit Has anyone here had ...
I think I will try both ways. To me, roasted tastes different than plain minced, but equally good in certain dishes. Perhaps I will just have a little of both on hand.

I think I would agree Jean, the fresh garlic in recipes probably would not be interchangeable. Thanks!
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Now, there's an idea! I've been buying the crushed garlic, in jars, from Trader Joe's but am not extremely pleased with the taste. Those jars of peeled cloves at Sam's would contain enough both to roast and to mince & freeze. Now that it's January, I'll have time to do stuff like that!

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