What's on everyone's menu today??

I'm fixing a Duck (had in the freezer) and tortellini in Alfredo sauce. Have some 'older' bananas, so may even make a jello.
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  Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? cjs What's on everyone's...
Left overs from the General Tso's baked chicken I did last night and homemade fried rice.

So tired of the snow, none of it has melted because our daily temps are saying below 30. *sigh*

  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? DFen911 Left overs from the ...
21°and snowing here, but that's normal for us this time of year. Just wish the sun was out.

Dinner tonight will be a pot of chili that can keep warm in the crockpot. I have to pick up Alyssa and Tommy from school today and take Alyssa to her ice-skating practice for their recital. Everyone can eat when they want to.

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  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? Mare749 21°and snowing here,...
Old school ground beef tacos and pinto beans.

  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? Trixxee Old school ground be...
Hubby is cooking tonight: Noodles and summer spaghetti sauce.

Joe has a big homework project I am working on with him. It's kind of a cool assignment. You have to create a menu with agriculture products from the Midwest Region. You get to name your restaurant, make your menu, add photos and pricing.

His menu is going to look AMAZING!
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  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? luvnit Hubby is cooking ton...
What a fun project, Laura!

We're having beef stew from the freezer. I'll probably serve it over brown rice with roasted broccolini.

  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? karyn What a fun project, ...
Wow Joe!!! I did that in Culinary school and you're doing it in middle school???????????????? Geez! Laura, I'd so love to see it all when he's done. Good luck to him.

Guess what I made today, again............. Barbara!!

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Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.

  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? cjs Wow Joe!!! I did tha...
Oh Yeah!!

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  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? BarbaraS Oh Yeah!![br][br]Bar...
Jean, you're evil!!! LOL!

William and the kids went to get seafood after church. BG and I had leftover Chicken Fried Steak.
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  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13?? Gourmet_Mom Jean, you're evil!!!...
I might take the CFS over seafood too.

Jean's Alfredo sounded so good - so mac & cheese with ham, green peppers & peas. It was really good.
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Wednesday's Dinner, 12/11/13??

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