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For those of us that are working with the beta site,...don't you find it tiring to continue to go over there and check the boards? Are they going to close this site down or will we forever be running back and forth? Those forums still get no where close to the action this one does. This is my home...
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To be honest I stopped checking over there regularly. I check it once a week. I find most folks here and when I need a response I know everyone here is available. I've seen some posts wait for days before a response. I hope they merge them but I don't see that happening since that will be a subscription site.

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Some of us are not able to access that site soooo----no comment from here!! I will call this my place of "home" anyway---do you really think this will be dissolved?? I worked really hard to get this site up and running again---it was 'dead' for a very long time---now that it is active I will be very humbled!! PLEASE don't let that happen!!!
I will miss my family incredibly!!!!
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I love this site too! If everyone doesn't make the switch, I'm going to stay here. This is "home"
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I agree this home now for me too.

That other site is like when you go visit an aunt. You see some familar faces and relatives, but you can't wait to get back
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I agree with you all, I love this site, and it would mightily give me the pip if it were closed.
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I think a whole bunch of us delivered this baby---and it's still in its infancy--we don't want to throw out the baby with the bath water.
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I continue to go over and post innocuous posts, as Billy does, but we just can't get it off the ground!!!

How did you all answer the future name for the forum?? I didn't like any of the offerings. I think they (who really is 'they'??? ) will just meld the two together at some point.

We just have to make sure that all the posts here are carried over for posterity - would really hate to lose all the info we have gathered here. A lot of personal recipes...

my 2 cents, for whatever they're worth.
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How in the world do you even get over there to the other site? I would think that it will be a blended site, too. I hope they understand that many folks want the opportunity to gain as much knowledge as possible and enjoy those who "hover" here.
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I have talked to Terry Walker, the editor of CAH, several times and made several suggestions. One of them was to blend the two sights together. They are contemplating asking a $25 fee for the MembersPlus. I suggested a lower price for those of us who subscribe than for those who don't. I also pointed out that with a lower subscription fee for the Plus part of it there would be more people signing up for it. Twenty-five dollars is a hefty fee for using a website.

We ALL should talk to the moderators and give suggestions. I'm sure they have checked other sites to see what is available, but they are doing it from scratch and won't be able to think of everything we'd like to see.

You are right that the site isn't very active and I too consider this one home. I would definitely want all of the history of this incorporated into any new website.
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