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Thank you again! Sorry, I might be driving you crazy for a little while with all my questions.

In the recipe book that came with the IP, it says when cooking fruits and/or vegetables, to use at least one cup of water and to use an oven proof or stainless steel bowl on a trivet, since they recommend steaming.

My question is do they want you to put a bowl on the wire rack inside the stainless steel bowl? If so, why don't they sell one as an accessory so you know it will fit?

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I've not used any pot in pot except for a springform pan for cheesecake yet. Any ovenproof bowl will work (e.g. Pyrex) or SS, just put the trivet in and place the bowl. If there is a little room on the sides it will work. You can cover with fowl if needed, though covering usually increases the cook time. I've not done veggies by themselves. When I did the corned beef with potatoes, cabbage and carrots, I just put them in the liner, ditto for potatoes and carrots with pot roast.

Which pot did you get? I have a Duo60 and a Duo80. I can put a regular 8" pan in the 8 qt. I have several racks from other pcs and a nice large tall steamer basket that came with the big Fagor. Folks on the forum seem to really like this one for the 6 qt. They bend the handles up to fit. Check what you already own, including a glass lid for the pot, before buying stuff, e.g., ramekins, mason jars, etc.
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Well now that I'm back making frozen yogurt this summer, I may try my hand at making the yogurt in the IP. One piece of equipment I can then get rid of - my yogurt maker.
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Okay, so far my yogurt is an epic fail. It's all watery and barely thickened.

Had a problem with the yogurt setting last night. After boiling the milk, it kept going back to the "boil" setting even after I turned off the pot and unplugged it. When I plugged it back in and pressed the yogurt button, it kept saying boil. So finally, I gave up and just set the timer manually for 8 hours. I noticed that the mode indicator was on low, but when I tried to "adjust" it to normal, it didn't budge. So the milk didn't thicken much, but stayed at 110°.

This morning, after checking the progress, I plugged it back in, hit the yogurt setting again and this time the display lit up with 8 hours, then beeped, then went into the countdown the way it was suppose to. I was able to adjust the mode indicator to normal.

Now I don't know whether to just wait another 8 hours and see what happens or throw the whole thing out.

My pot is the 6 qt. Duo, brushed stainless steel.

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Hmmm... never tried a special pot for making yogurt - just a large, Pyrex mixing bowl covered with a lid, wrapped in a heavy towel and placed into a warmed-then-turned-off oven overnight.
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Oh Maryann, that's too bad!

I have this cute little machine which makes 6 or 8 (it's still packed..) cups of yogurt and works like a dream. Guess I'll hang on to it for a while.
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So, I just got home, checked the yogurt and it finally got thick. Took 14 hours but I think that might be because the mode indicator was on "less", which is used to make Jiu Niang, which is a fermented glutinous rice, one of three settings within the Yogurt button.

Unfortunately, so far I have not found anything in the manual that says to use "less" for yogurt, but when reading instructions elsewhere, saw something about using "normal". The manual also does not tell you how to pasteurize milk, but supposedly you can do that, too.

Love the appliance, but the manual is lacking...

Jean, I have the same yogurt maker you do, but you can make so much more in the IP.

ETA: It's now 5:15 and I had to toss the yogurt. It just didn't look right. Will have to try that one again sometime.

Now for some good news. Heather wanted ribs tonight so I got them started for her so all she would have to do is put them on the grill for 15 minutes and baste them with sauce.

I put a rub on the ribs (babybacks) cut the slabs in half, then set them up sideways with the bones vertical. Added a cup of water and a chopped up onion. Pushed the meat button, then the - button to lower to 20 min. Once the pot sealed completely it went to 20 minutes. I used the quick release and removed the ribs. They were perfectly done and all they needed was a glaze of BBQ and they were ready for the grill. Very quick and easy. So, at least I had one success today.
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Here's what I did: Put the 1/2 gallon milk in the liner, and put the lid on as it I was going to pressure cook, but left the vent to the open position. Hit yogurt button until it said boil and let it do its thing. I turned the IP off. When the milk was done, I took the temp and it was slightly over 180 degrees. I took the liner out and set it on a pie plate filled with ice. Within a few minutes, temp was down to 113. I stirred, checked in a couple of spots and then added my 2 TBS. yogurt and stirred well. Put liner back in IP, closed the lid again, vent open. Hit yogurt button and let the machine do its thing (it said 8 hours). When it beeped it was done I took it out. It was not thick. I poured it into my strainer and put it in the fridge overnight. You can leave in the liner in the fridge and strain it the next later if you wish. It will not thicken a lot until you strain it generally. I used whole milk and 2% yogurt. If you don't use whole milk, it will not be as thick. Hope this helps some.
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Thanks, Alina. I know that part well, as I have been making yogurt for years. My problem had to do with programming the IP. It did not follow the sequence described in any of the instructions and I couldn't figure out why.

At least I did have one success today with cooking the ribs. And, I have ordered a couple of cookbooks to help things along.

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I have not followed the IP manual for anything. I used the recipe book instructions for the basmati, jasmine and brown rice and those were correct. Otherwise, I've been reading the recipes on the forum and just using manual for the recipes I've converted myself. The site I posted with egg recipe has been great so far. Everything I've tried from there egg, cheesecake, corned beef, etc. has been great.

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