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It sounds like a great idea, but I'm of two minds. They are relatively cheap here, so why go to the trouble of peeling, blanching, dehydrating them. Do you think it's a taste / texture thing that may be different from fresh?
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Yes, that's what I'm thinking...

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My thoughts. Sun drying usually intensifies flavor. A potato is a palate and a texture. I do not believe a potato is a candidate for sun exposure, it is a root vegetable FCS!
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I'm getting really intrigued! I've never liked the tasted of commercially dehydrated potatoes, but the homemade ones may taste entirely different. I can see why blanching first would make a huge difference in the taste of the final product.
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Very interesting indeed. I think I will use my food dehydrator. I got one at Goodwill for 3.99, then got another for 1.49 the next spring. I usually have 2 going in the fall to dry herbs, Chile peppers. Last year I made sun-dried tomatoes. They turned out fantastic.

I can't wait to try these potatoes!
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