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Wow, I can't remember the last time I came to this forum. It was definitely before I got my new laptop over a year ago, because I've found that if I don't "bookmark" a site, I tend to forget about it.

So much has happened, I won't even try to detail it all. But the most important, regarding cooking, is that after several months of feeling unwell I discovered that I have a gluten sensitivity. Yep, Vicci (who loves to bake and eat those baked goods) can no longer indulge as she used to. Gluten is not totally "out" for me, but I've had to cut back drastically. I have found a decent recipe for gluten-free bread (a lifesaver), and have worked out some good quickbread recipes, gf pancakes are great, but I absolutely cannot find a decent pizza crust. *sigh*

DH and I have been busy at the farm. We had an addition constructed last year with a new bathroom and a pantry/ laundry room extension. I also got rid of the huge commercial stove and replaced it with a great new range and a set of cabinets beside (more counter space- yay!). Unfortunately, the contractor underestimated, ran out of money, and left. So we have muddled through finishing it on our own. It looks good, but has taken forever! But now we have to ramp it up a bit because...

we have signed with a builder to build a home in Lewes, DE. After years of back-and-forth (do we retire to New England? If so, where? Or to a milder climate? If so, where? And so on.) we decided on this area for many reasons. I can't believe that I will have a new house soon. One with a bigger kitchen, all new appliances, and best of all-- new houses don't require much maintenance for many years! I will never catch up with work on the farm. Ever. And that fact has just depressed me terribly over the past couple of years. Now we have to finish what the contractor didn't, and do a few more projects, then find someone who will take over the stewardship of this lovely historic farm.

And, most importantly, Spooky is still with us. Our little cat is now over 14 years old, the last 6 or so with kidney issues, but still continues to be the light of our lives.

Okay, off to look at some of the more recent posts, in an impossible attempt to "catch up".

It's nice to be back, and I'll try to check in as often as I can (now that this site is, again, bookmarked!!!)

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Welcome back, Vicci! We've all wondered what happened to you. We assumed life took over. So many changes in your life, no wonder you didn't have time to post. I'm off and on, and just try to catch up with the current page. Miss Perfectionist, (from one to another), just start there

Welcome home!

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Welcome back, Vicci! It sounds like you have really been busy and have lots ahead of you! Have fun catching up!
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So good to hear from you, but not to hear about the gluten sensitivity.

Given how long you've been gone, you probably missed out on Jean's Cauliflower-Crust Pizza, so that may be worth trying. Of course, it's not an actual dough crust, but the final product is actually quite tasty. I loved it and was just thinking about it again, the other day.

With gluten sensitivity, don't forget to watch out for soy sauce and other hidden sources. (Good-quality soy sauce is made from fermented soy beans and wheat flour, whereas low-quality soy sauce is made from "hydrolysed soy protein.")
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Hi Vicci! Nice to see you again! Thanks for catching us up and hope you will check in more often. Sounds like you have all kinds of excitement going on.

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So nice to see you back Vicci!

Now Bookmark us, so you don't forget

I did stop in at your blog once to see what was going on and I didn't see much going on there. Perhaps you will be doing a Gluten-Free blog now
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Hey Vicci!! Welcome back!!

I know quite a few people who have moved to Lewes, DE. Nice place to live and the atxes are real low. Congrats!

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How wonderful to have you back, Vicci. I know what it is like to try to catch up---IMPOSSIBLE!!! Just jump in and the rest will take caare of itself. You sound as though you have been very busy...and it ain't over!!! Can't wait to hear all about your new journey...please share
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Well, hello, there MS Vicci!1 Know that you have been missed very much around here - so great to catch up with you again.

I think of you quite often when I see foodfiend/Vicci labeled on a recipe.
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Hello there Vicci!
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The time is flying by.

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