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Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - cjs - 04-20-2010

(think I have the correct date today... )

What are you all up to?

I'm slowcooking some ribs with the beef shanks sauce and a quinoa side dish Laura found in our new F&W magazine.

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - chef_Tab - 04-20-2010

If all goes well, I am making the pork roast and spaetzle that was supposed to be last night's dinner. I ended up with a migraine so hubby stopped for pizza on the way home.

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - karyn - 04-20-2010

I'm planning on Chicken Spiedies and green salad for dinner tonight. I've never had a speidie before, so I'm looking forward to trying something new.

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - luvnit - 04-20-2010

I think I am going to make a version of C@H's recipe for Shrimp Parmesan with Breaded Mozzerella . However, I won't use the shrimp. Those breaded mozz were so good. They stole the show IMHO.

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-20-2010

That's interesting, I thought somebody thought the breaded mozz was not very good. So they were good, Laura? Baby Girl loves those things...which is funny because she has always loved them, but we had to stop letting her eat them for a while. When she was very young, she choked on one in a restaurant. I don't think I've ever let her have them on the dinner table since. But she talks about getting them all the time.

We had the Mu Shu Beef Wraps with Miso Slaw. I'll have to say, this was not a favorite. I had such high hopes. I did use a flank steak, but don't think that was it. I didn't really care for the slaw. But then, I could have made a mistake. I did with the rice...that's for sure!

I was upset that my Sweet and Sour Rice let me down also. I looked a minute ago and realized that instead of being 2 T each rice vinegar and sugar, it's 2T rice vinegar and 2 TEASPOONS wonder! So I guess I may give this another try this summer.

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - cjs - 04-21-2010

That's too bad, Daphne, you didn't care for the wraps and miso slaw, but we can't all like the same things, that would be boring.

2 T. sugar, yeah, that would kill the rice for me too.

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - cjs - 04-21-2010

Hey Sharon, using the beef shank sauce for ribs was a great idea - man that was good! Thanks.
[Image: RibsQuinoaSalad.jpg]
good dinner

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - Harborwitch - 04-21-2010

We used some of the leftover pork for Asian pulled pork tacos with Daikon & Cucumber salad. It was amazing - Bob ate 5 tacos!!!!

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-21-2010

You know, I'm torn....while I want to try the beef rib recipe with pork, I just don't think it would be the same with tenderloin. So I may just wait and do something different with the tenderloin tonight.

Re: Tuesday, 4/20 Dinner? - Harborwitch - 04-21-2010

Pork butt, shoulder, ribs - would be great. I just think tenderloin and loin would be too lean for an all day stint in the crockpot. But lordy it was good.