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4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - cjs - 04-18-2010

What's on the menu??

chef's salads for us.

Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - chef_Tab - 04-18-2010

I am planning to make the zuppa toscano tonight, if I can find kale at the store today. We have a house to look at this afternoon so I will pick up groceries while out. It is a cold and rainy day so a hearty soup sounds good.

Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - labradors - 04-18-2010

Theresa, is that the Olive-Garden-copycat recipe? I've always wanted to try that, since I love that soup. When I was in the States, I would only go to Olive Garden when other friends were already going there (otherwise, Carrabbas and Buca di Beppo are FAR superior). In fact, my Italian friends would always laugh at Olive Garden and go to Fazoli's, instead. Still, when I DID go to Olive Garden, I'd always get the soup, salad and bread sticks, especially with the Zuppa Toscana, when it was available.

Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-18-2010

We're having the Chicken Linguine with Candied Cherry Tomatoes. I haven't made that in a while.

When I went on my big grocery trip over Easter, I tried to buy pine nuts. Sam's was out and the Asian store owner said he quit carrying them because the price had gone up so much, nobody was buying them. (After today, I'm wondering if Sam's was out or quit carrying them also.) I found out just how high today! One little bag of 1/2 cup of pine nuts cost FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!! I need to find an alternative. This recipe and my pine nut dressing for spinach are HUGE favorites, especially in summer. Any ideas? Anybody know what has happened that would cause those things to almost double in price over a year's time?

Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - chef_Tab - 04-18-2010

Rob, kind of the copy cat recipe. I found it in an earlier thread, and adapted it a bit for health reasons. I used to love that soup at Olive Garden too along with the salad. I normally don't eat iceberg, but somehow it works there. I had not been to an Olive Garden in many years because the one closest to us in Missouri was dirty looking and in a bad section of town. But Hubby and I stopped at one along the way back to PA this last trip and had the soup/salad lunch. The zuppa toscano was even better than I had remembered. Who knows if it really improved, or I was desperate! It just seemed fresher.

Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - pjcooks - 04-18-2010

One of my favorites, Daphne. Also a great company meal, just different enough to impress.

Grilled burgers for Picky, I'm having a grilled duck breast half I had in my fridge and a lobster salad roll, complete with a grilled frankfurter bun. Can't beat that!


Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - Dismc - 04-18-2010

Daphne, I think a very good alternative to pine nuts is slivered almonds. About the same size and shape. I bit the bullet and bought the big bag of pine nuts at Costco so I'm good for a bit.

And we're having one of my favorites, Slow Cooker BBQ (Chipotle) Brisket with mashers and either broccoli salad or roasted asparagus. Made a dessert from an ad in Southern Living that has lemon jello mixed with cream cheese, lemon zest and coolwhip with vanilla wafers and raspberry jam. Sure looks good.

Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - cjs - 04-18-2010

Daphne, empty your mail thing!!! I wanted to tell you I'm too tired tonight, but tomorrow a.m. I'll look at my last recpt. from Costco and see what I paid. I can send you some. I'm sure you know they freeze great.

Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - Harborwitch - 04-18-2010

Hmmmm may have to check out Trader Joe's when we're in CA. I've got a small bag in the freezer - but they won't last forever.

Dinner tonight - well I took a pork shoulder roast, seasoned with salt, pepper, cayenne, 5 spice, & Penzey's Bangkok seasoning. After browning it off it went into the crockpot with the sauce mix from the "Slow Cooker" cookbook, Lacquered Short Ribs with Spicy Ginger Sauce.

It's on warm now, tender as can be - and the house smells wonderful. I think Jasmine rice and salad with an Asian dressing. I did add 2 cloves of garlic to the sauce mix.

Pictures tomorrow - but OMG; the pork was so much better than the beef!!!! I thickened the juices with 2 tbs of cornstarch and 4 tbs of sherry. This was incredible.

Re: 4/18 - Sunday Dinner? - cjs - 04-19-2010

that does sound so good Sharon. That sauce could probably be used on cake.