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Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - luvnit - 04-15-2010

I want to try my hand at making fresh tortillas.

I found a great article in Food & Wine about tacos with fresh tortillas. They were touting that American Chefs are now obsessed with tacos. They list a few recipes such as:
  • Crunchy Tofu Tacos with Kimchee and Asian Pears
  • Chicken and Lime Tacos
  • Pork and Pineapple Grilled Tacos
  • L.A. Gas Station Tacos
  • Chorizo and Potato Tacos

My question is this, especially for those on the West Coast, as this seems to be where the article is centered. They serve all these tacos on 'warmed' tortillas, not fried. We have always fried our tortillas, espcially the corn ones.

Are fresh tortillas better just 'warmed' and not fried?

Re: Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - labradors - 04-15-2010


Are fresh tortillas better just 'warmed' and not fried?

That is largely a matter of taste. I prefer the fried ones, but here, they are just warmed on a comal (griddle).

One thing: the fried tortillas tend to be stronger (unless overcooked and made crispy - as the Old El Paso shells are). The warmed tortillas break more easily - not from snapping due to the crispness, but from becoming weak due to the juices of the meat, salsa, etc.

Re: Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - Harborwitch - 04-15-2010

You can warm tortillas in a damp towel in the microwave if you can't find a tortilla warmer.

Most of the "real" tacos that we had in CA (and Mexico) are made with warmed tortillas - not fried. I love warm corn tortillas much more than fried for tacos.

I saw that article - they all sound pretty good except the tofu ones. I guess you can wrap anything in a tortilla and call it a taco, but geeze that's taking fusion a little far.

A funny aside - I've always thought that enchiladas were made with corn tortillas. It amazes me that here in North Dakota enchiladas are made with flour tortillas (and they're easier to find than corn!!! ). We went to a "Mexican" restaurant a while back that had an interesting concept - the chile relleno was wrapped in wonton skins instead of battered. That was weird - I don't think it was fried, just simmered in the sauce.

Re: Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - Dismc - 04-15-2010

My favorite way to prepare tortillas, whether homemade or store bought, is to spray with pam and cook about 1 min per side on a very hot griddle. White corn tortillas especially, seem to get bubbly and delicious. We actually like them better than fried in oil and they hold up to filling just as well. Do this method for enchiladas too.

Re: Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - Harborwitch - 04-15-2010

That's how I do enchiladas too, unless I'm watching the fat then I just warm them in the sauce for a moment.

Re: Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - esgunn - 04-15-2010

I just had corn tortillas last night with tacos. The kids like the cripy ones, but a while back C@H had a recipe for pork, and you spread refried black beans and spread on a corn tortilla, some cheese and warmed on the grill. THen filled with the pork. They were delicious. We had them that way with salasa chicken the other night, and today for snack for the kids I put a tiny bit of oil on a griddle with the bean and cheese and heated until warm. THe kids really enjoyed them too.

They do break easier - have to be careful not to overfill or have too much juice. But I think we prefer them now.

Re: Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - Lorraine - 04-16-2010

We have done them both ways. I like them warmed for fish tacos, but fried for huevos rancheros. I've never tried making them myself.

Re: Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - Old Bay - 04-16-2010

We love soft warm white corn tacos and like to roll up white corn tortillas and eat as a side with other dishes instead of bread or rolls.

Re: Making Corn Tortillas - Serving question - cjs - 04-16-2010

I prefer tortillas warmed on a dry cast iron skillet or griddle. They roll so nicely. But, must say since I was a kid I've always loved crispy fried corn tortillas for family tacos.

I do love the white corn tortillas best when I buy them.

Erin, how did I miss that one, sounds good!

Laura, thanks for the mention of these, I hadn't looked at my F&W magazine until last night ( ) and was so surprised to see so many taco ideas - boy, am I going to be busy!!