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Can you freeze... - luvnit - 04-14-2010

mire piox? Really. I am ready to be grilling for spring, but I want to do it and not waste these ingredients.

Re: Can you freeze... - pjcooks - 04-14-2010

In a New England term, Yup! I do this when I have a lot to do. I spread it out on a cookie sheet, freeze quickly, then ziplock. Saves a lot of time. We also did this at work when we had extra. Just thaw in the fridge, countertop makes it all mushy.


Re: Can you freeze... - Gourmet_Mom - 04-14-2010

Great to know...Thanks, PJ! I don't use that much celery, so I often toss a couple of stalks. Next time, I'll chop it up and freeze it.

Re: Can you freeze... - cjs - 04-15-2010

I've frozen it after sauteeing it, but not before. Not sure which way PJ was talking.