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Salmon Question - Gourmet_Mom - 04-12-2010

Okay, my salmon has been curing for almost 3 days. There is a LOT of liquid in there. Should I pour it off and add more of the dry ingredients, or is this what it's supposed to do? Also, I know the color of the finished that what I need to wait for, or time? TIA! I'm hoping it will be ready by tomorrow or Wednesday.

Re: Salmon Question - luvnit - 04-12-2010

Daphne, if you go to the link I sent about Gravlax in the Cooking for Engineers website they address that issue in the conversations. (sounds like you drain it off) Here is that link:

Cooking for Engineers - Gravlax

Re: Salmon Question - cjs - 04-12-2010

darn, another day gone by and I did't get my salmon thawing...not my pork bellies either. Where the h*ll did today go??????

Re: Salmon Question - Gourmet_Mom - 04-12-2010

Okay, Laura, thanks for the heads up! I saw contradictions on there, but that just tells me that I haven't RUINED it. I did drain it, though. We'll see. Today is day three, so tomorrow will be the test! We'll be having Gravalax on pasta with a creamy sauce flavored with fennel(?), dill, and capers. Wish me luck!

Re: Salmon Question - luvnit - 04-12-2010

Oh No! That would suck if it was ruined! But I am pretty sure you are okay if you drain it. I, personally, would drain it and put some paper towels under it (thick) to soak up the juices now considering. I think you will be just fine.

Re: Salmon Question - cjs - 04-13-2010

Daphne, I didn't respond to your question last night because I 'assumed' the link you were given would give you the info you needed. But, what I did is wrap my salmon in cheesecloth and set it on a rack in the pan. At work, I had a hotel pan with perforations to use inside of the other hotel pan to keep the moisture off.

Re: Salmon Question - DFen911 - 04-13-2010

Well funny we have this thread and Derek asked me last night what Lox was. So while I don't care for salmon I do enjoy lox.

Jean the way you do it is how we did it in school too. Also have you done any cold smoking in your smoker?

I can't find where I can generate smoke and not at least 225 degrees of heat. I would love to do a cold smoked salmon.

Re: Salmon Question - cjs - 04-13-2010

Did you get the one like ours? I don't think you can do a cold smoke on ours. darn.

Re: Salmon Question - Gourmet_Mom - 04-13-2010

Thanks, Jean. I'm thinking that makes more sense for next time. The color is looking right from what I can tell. From the info I read from Laura, some said they did NOT remove the liquid and considered it part of the brining process. Then they removed the liquid and let it "ripen?" for another 12 hours. Hopefully, it won't kill us...LOL! It's on for dinner tonight. Wish me luck with the salmon AND the sauce...winging it!

Re: Salmon Question - cjs - 04-13-2010

Yum! Anxious to hear how it turns out. the pork bellies are thawing, but not the salmon yet.