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Review: Strawberry Pizza - karyn - 04-04-2010

I made the Oxnard Strawberry Pizza from #80. I think it's definitely a keeper. It's lots of fun and very tasty. The shortbread came together easily and was no problem to shape into an 11-inch circle, and the toppings were also very good.

The only problem I had was that I didn't have any strawberry preserves, but I did have extra strawberries, so I faked it by simmering some strawberries with sugar, lemon, and a pinch of salt. That worked fine. Also, I assembled the pizza several hours before we ate it and some of the juices ran. Next time, I'll spread the sweetened marscapone early, but wait until just before I serve to arrange the strawberries.

The only other downside to this recipe is that for a simple dessert there were a lot of dishes. However, the good flavor and fun presentation made it worth it. Adding some blueberries to the mix and arranging them in a design would make a great dessert for Memorial Day or the 4th of July.

Re: Review: Strawberry Pizza - cjs - 04-04-2010

We're taking a pizza dinner out of town next weekend to friends (poor thing, she's still working...), and I just may take this with us. Thanks for reviewing it - sounds good and fun.

Re: Review: Strawberry Pizza - Mare749 - 04-04-2010

Thanks for the review, Karyn. Been wanting to make that one myself. Sounds delish!

Re: Review: Strawberry Pizza - HomeCulinarian - 04-04-2010

I'm planning to make this for my monthly luncheon. Looking forward to it!

Re: Review: Strawberry Pizza - HomeCulinarian - 04-08-2010

Made this for a luncheon on Tuesdsay. Followed the recipe excatly using Triple Sec instead of orange juice. I drew an 11" circle on the back of the parchment sheet so I could more easily get the right size. I think I rushed transferring the baked cookie crust to the rack and broke it . So I ended up cutting the pie into squares, which turned out to be good. One-eighth of it is too big of a piece for dessert - besides it's nearly 700 calories! I think I got about 16 pieces. Had a few left overs and they don't look so good after sitting in the fridge overnight. Doesn't affect the taste, just presenation. I was asked for the recipe - always a good sign.

Re: Review: Strawberry Pizza - cjs - 04-08-2010

good to know - will have to wait a little while to make this, right now I'm concentrating on a Raspberry White Chocolate pizza...