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White Barbeque - DFen911 - 04-03-2010

Ok I can't find the post that mentioned this, in which I asked for the recipe.

Then I see another post mentioning it. So I have decided it warrants it's own thread.

I need this recipe!!!

Re: White Barbeque - cjs - 04-03-2010

Oh good, I just asked Laura about it.

Re: White Barbeque - Gourmet_Mom - 04-03-2010

Yo, Laura....when you get a minute. Wait, didn't she say they were going to her dad's house in the Easter thread?

Re: White Barbeque - cjs - 04-03-2010

yes, darn it, they on the road....

Re: White Barbeque - luvnit - 04-04-2010

It's in the C@H Grilling cookbook:

Here it is, and it says to use with pork or chicken, but we find we love it with beef too. It's a mayo based sauce with really disappears during the grilling process. With the fat content it adds a lot of flavor and helps to add a nice crispy 'crust' to the meat. Which we both love.

White Barbeque Sauce

1 cup mayo (I add more)
1/4 cup of white vinegar
1 T. Lemon juice
1 T. creole mustard (I don't have I use 1 T. Cajun seasoning and a squirt of mustard)
2 t. minced garlic
2 t. prepared horseradish (I used grated horseradish)
1 t. kosher salt
1 t. sugar
1-2 t. black pepper

Stir together all ingredients.

That's it and it's pure heaven. We love this stuff.

Re: White Barbeque - cjs - 04-04-2010

Thanks, Laura - I think I do know this one.

Re: White Barbeque - Gourmet_Mom - 04-04-2010

Growing up here, white barbeque sauce is alien, so I probably looked right over this one. I've got some chicken breasts I may use this on next week. Thanks Laura!

Re: White Barbeque - labradors - 04-05-2010

Never heard of it. "White barbecue" sounds like it would be subject matter for Jeff Foxworthy:

"Why is a redneck murder so difficult to solve?
Because the DNA is all the same and there are no dental records."