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Sour grapes??? - Mare749 - 04-02-2010

I can't believe it, but I bought some red grapes at Giant Eagle and they are sour. They didn't look old or anything, but they sure aren't sweet! Does anyone know what causes this?

Re: Sour grapes??? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-02-2010

Are you talking sour, as in, tart, or sour, as in, fermented....overripe?

If you mean tart, it probably has to do with the variety and the location where they were grown. The soil will have a LOT to do with the flavor. ALSO, if they were picked too young, they would be sour. I'd leave them a day, maybe even out on the counter, and see if they taste different tomorrow.

Re: Sour grapes??? - Mare749 - 04-02-2010

Thanks Daphne, I don't think they are over-ripe, but they sure are tart and hardly sweet at all. Very strange. Must be the variety, yuck.

Re: Sour grapes??? - cjs - 04-02-2010

picked too soon - run into those every so often. That's the only reason, I swear, that I always taste the grapes.

Re: Sour grapes??? - Mare749 - 04-02-2010

Now I know why my mom always did that too, Jean. Think I'm going to have to get past the idea that they haven't been washed yet and at least try one. Thanks for the advice.

Re: Sour grapes??? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-03-2010

Talking about grapes....

My team leader has a small fridge in her classroom. She had brought grapes the other day and they had frozen. When I heard her complain about it, I told her to try them frozen instead of setting them out to thaw. She tried it and LOVED them! Now she keeps them close to the freezer compartment! So thanks to whoever mentioned that on here. I'm going to get me some and freeze them for those hot days ahead!

A little rant here: In the spring and fall, my classroom temp gets into the 90's with all those hot bodies, tech equipment, and poor AC in my part of the building. The large classrooms in the new part of the school get so cold, they open doors and windows to warm up. That totally messes with the circulation! OIY! Not to mention, it causes central office to decide they need to up the temperature on the thermostat. Shoot, they can put on coats, but I can only take off so much!!!!!

Re: Sour grapes??? - cjs - 04-03-2010

I always have frozen grapes in the freezer in the summer - so good!

New school annexes vs. the old - what a pain!

Re: Sour grapes??? - Old Bay - 04-03-2010


picked too soon - run into those every so often. That's the only reason, I swear, that I always taste the grapes.

I always pick one off the bunch I buy, wipe it off, and taste it--I know, I know!! Hopefully the residual wine in the belly takes care of the stray microbe here and there.

Re: Sour grapes??? - cjs - 04-03-2010

That's my thinking also, Bill