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OT my new grandson - chef_Tab - 03-31-2010

As most of you know I am staying with my daughter and SIL to try to help out after the birth of their son, Lucas. My daughter, Erica, has a friend who is a professional photographer that keeps a blog. Mallory visited yesterday and took some photos of the new little family. Here is a link to her blog. It moved me to tears.

Re: OT my new grandson - Harborwitch - 03-31-2010

Absolutely beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.

My nephew and his darling wife just had a new baby the 21st! She didn't know she was pregnant when I was up there in August.

Re: OT my new grandson - cjs - 03-31-2010

I'm just speechless with admiration for the photographer, also - what great pictures. But, how could they not be, working with such a charming little family. The profile of Juan and Lucas - just priceless.

Thanks for sharing, Theresa.

Re: OT my new grandson - luvnit - 03-31-2010

Those are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Wow, that photographer really captured the moments. All I can say is WOW!

Re: OT my new grandson - Mare749 - 03-31-2010

Wonderful pics, Theresa! What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Re: OT my new grandson - - 03-31-2010

The photos are outstanding but the subject matter is just awesome!!! He (and his parents) are just so sweet -

Re: OT my new grandson - Dismc - 03-31-2010

What a beautiful family. And gorgeous pictures. Congratulations!

Re: OT my new grandson - karyn - 03-31-2010

Those photos are wonderful. What a gift from the photographer. Lucas is a little treasure. Congratulations to all!

Re: OT my new grandson - chef_Tab - 03-31-2010

Thanks everyone. I am on cloud nine, even without much sleep. He did have a good night last night though. I guess the photographer wore him out.

Re: OT my new grandson - Gourmet_Mom - 03-31-2010

Theresa, the photos are just wonderful! What a precious little bundle you have there. How on EARTH are you going to be able to leave?