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Review- DanDan Noodles - foodfiend - 03-27-2010

The recipe is in this recent post:

How very incredible this recipe is! My only problem with it was a self-imposed one-- while simultaneously making dinner, baking bread, and baking/glazing biscotti, I forgot to add the pickled cucumbers. They were on the sideboard, but I totally forgot until we were almost done eating...

I increased the red bell pepper, decreased the peanut butter only a little, and prepared it otherwise as directed. Very, very flavorful-- that ground turkey mixture, well, I could eat it by itself with a (large) fork! It could have been a little spicier (we added hot chili oil after the first couple of bites and that did the trick), and there was just enough sauce (I may add a little more chicken broth, only a tablespoon or two next time).

I also just happened to have the correct type of noodles. I bought them in a 1-1/2 pound plastic bag and, instead of being identified as long life noodles, they are called Shanghai noodles. I actually measured a few and they were between 30"-36" in length. So, if they do indeed represent longevity in life and "the longer the noodle the better", well, I'm all for eating these on a regular basis!

[Image: 4468736058_174a6c5947_m.jpg]

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - Gourmet_Mom - 03-27-2010

This sounded really good, Vicci. I'm glad you reviewed it. I will definitely be visiting the Asian market my next trip to the city. Lemongrass and longevity noodles (thanks for another name to look for) are on the top of my list. That and some good bok choy, for one.

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - foodfiend - 03-27-2010

Oh, I bought baby bok choy and used it in chicken lo mein (to also use up the huge bag of bean sprouts). If you have any particular recipes in mind that use this, let me know (I could probably search them out online). As with almost everything in this store, the packages were quite large so I sill have 6 little baby bok choys to use up.

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - esgunn - 03-27-2010

We love baby bok choy I often saute by themselves or mixed with baby spinach in soy, garlic and red pepper flakes. Start the stems a litte bit first then add the greens.

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - cjs - 03-28-2010

it's on the 'list'

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - Mare749 - 03-28-2010

Nice looking meal, Vicci! Thanks for reviewing that, it's been marked to try for a very long time. That was a good issue and I think that all of us were trying different dishes from it, but somehow never got to that one.

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - luvnit - 03-28-2010

I think you have the same dishes I do Vicci! You must have good taste.

These dan-dan noodles look like something my family would enjoy. It's on the list now.

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - esgunn - 03-29-2010

Well, the kids LOVE the Dan Dan noodles. After saying I had all the ingredients, I actually had to sub a lot - but I think they wouldn't change the flavor too much. No Sherry - Used Sake. No cilantro, used it up yesterday with nachos, so used basil. No Chili Garlic sauce, could have sworn I had some, but I was thinking of cutting or leaving out anyway. Used sweet chili sauce - it is only 2 tsp. I think that was it, except no red pepper flakes in the cucumbers - I'll put it in mine. All three loved it, even with the pickled cucumbers on top. Thank you for brining this one back up!

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - foodfiend - 03-29-2010

Laura, for someone who had plain white Pfaltzgraf plates for 25+ years, it was a real stretch to choose bright red! Surprisingly, most food looks pretty good on it.

Erin, I'm so glad that you and the kids enjoyed the noodles.

Re: Review- DanDan Noodles - Mare749 - 03-30-2010

Vicci, I love your red plates! Very pretty!