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Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - cjs - 03-14-2010

What's everyone up to tonight??

Have no idea so far - will see what sounds good here.

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - - 03-14-2010

Mini cheese quiche with a round of Captain Handsomes; dijon asparagus; pine nut couscous,lamb chops encrusted in fresh basil and mint served with Sauvignon Blanc 2006. NO DESSERT

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-14-2010

Sonja, what is Captain Hansome? You have been having the best sounding dinners lately. I've been jealous, but not today!

I'm always excited to have Uncle Wallace's Pancakes with Bacon Sauce and a side of sausage, but I'm more excited about lunch. Jean, you're going to hate me! I'll update when it gets done.

[Image: DSC03622.jpg]

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - Vanquisher - 03-14-2010

Looks so good, Daphne. I love the food porn.

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - cjs - 03-14-2010

Whoooooeeee - don't know what's under the bacon and onion, but I want some!!!

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-14-2010

You don't recognize it? That's CATFISH STEW!!!! William hadn't finished layering it yet...He filled that dutch oven to the top. It'll cook down quite a bit. I'll think of you when I eat my first bowl. It's been too long!

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - luvnit - 03-14-2010

Daphne that looks wonderful! I do hope you post a 'finished' picture too!

[Image: FNM_120109-Cocktails-001_s4x3_med.jpg]
Recipe: Captain Handsome

1 1/2 ounces gin
1/2 ounce creme de violette
1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
1/4 ounce limoncello
Absinthe, for the glass
Splash of chilled seltzer
Brandied cherry (sold in jars at gourmet stores), for garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Add the gin, creme de violette, lime juice and limoncello and shake well. Rinse the inside of a cocktail glass with absinthe. Strain the drink into the glass, add the seltzer and garnish with a brandied cherry.

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - Vanquisher - 03-14-2010

Laura, that drink sure looks pretty. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks. I like the sweet cocktails, myself. You know, the ones that go down easy and sneak up on ya?

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - luvnit - 03-14-2010

You are right, it does look pretty. From the sound of it I am not sure if it's sweet or not. I've never had lemoncello or creme de violette. But I want to try it!

Oh and for dinner tonight? Weiner winks for the kids AND Pesto Ribeyes with caesar salad leftovers.

Re: Sunday's Dinner - 3/14? - chef_Tab - 03-14-2010

And I thought Sonja started calling the Mister "Captain Handsome"

Our little apartment freezer has gotten to the point that stuff falls out whenever you open it, so for a few nights it will be whatever frozen meat I can find first. Tonight's special is going to be babybacks with the hot and sticky rib sauce from one of the Weeknight Menus books. I was going to make the jasmine rice with lime juice and cilantro, but after a couple of rummed hot cocoas(darn you Jean), I tossed a baking potato into the oven to make things a bit easier.