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Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - cjs - 02-17-2010

We'll be having grilled ribs (pre-cooked them yesterday) with swt. tato fries. May get into Palm Springs early enough to get some veggies and/or fruit to go with.

What are you all up to?

Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - Lorraine - 02-17-2010

he gives up all meat for Lent, so I have to put my meatless cap on and come up with something. Maybe ricotta / spinach stuffed jumbo shells and a salad. Or something with rosted root veggies.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - labradors - 02-17-2010

Of course, those who give up meat for Lent will have to have completed the birthday dinners by now, else they won't get them done for the review date.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - chef_Tab - 02-17-2010

Tonight is the night for Erin's birthday dinner. Sure am looking forward to it.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - Trixxee - 02-17-2010

Beef, asparagus and mushroom stir fry for us. Asparagus was 97 cents pound. Must take advantage!

Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - Mare749 - 02-17-2010

Baked fish, mac & cheese, side of stewed tomatoes. Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - labradors - 02-17-2010

Tonight, I'm having Theresa's birthday-review dinner.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - pjcooks - 02-17-2010

Mushroom barley from Cuisine Lite. Love that stuff.


Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - Gourmet_Mom - 02-17-2010

In addition to getting home late, it's cold down here, so I'm doing comfort food again...BBBBRRRRRRR! Just Country Fried Steak in gravy with mashers and peas.

Lorraine, I don't think I' could be creative for that long...OIY! Although, I love that kind of stuffed shell.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner - 2/17??? - cjs - 02-17-2010

it's cold down here," and it's so darn hot here, I just don't dare cook inside the trailer!!! I'll just have to grill everything..... sigh.