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Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - foodfiend - 01-08-2010

First time I used '10 Doesn't it look odd???

I need ideas. For the first time since I can remember, this day is my very own! No schedule, no list of things to do. I an nap when I want, strap on the xx skis and go outside for a while, bake bread if the urge hits...

What are you all planning to make? All I know is that I want to use the oven! Have I mentioned that my kitchen is unheated?!?!? It's 12 degrees out now.

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - cjs - 01-08-2010

Got some beef you can add some onions, carrots, etc. and red wine to and just let braise the day away?? And your house will smell so good - with some homemade bread (such as Cis' cornmeal bread).

We having Jacques' chicken & zesty sauce Daphne made the othr night, haven't done that for so long. Have some sweet tatoes to bake and add some black beans to.

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - chef_Tab - 01-08-2010

I have quite a bit of leftover rice and want to make fried rice with it. I have never done this, anyone care to share the method/recipe?

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - - 01-08-2010

homemade bread sounds good - we can't get to the kitchen right now so it will be takeouts

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - cjs - 01-08-2010

want some 'Choo Choo Train Rice'????

From a Chef's Journey...Home

My youngest son named this fried rice “ChooChoo Train Rice” for some reason none of us have ever figured out. Whatever it’s called it is delicious.

Fried Rice

3 slices bacon, diced
1/2 a small onion, diced
3 cups cooked rice (always best made with rice cooked the day before)
1/2 cup fideo noodles or broken up angel hair pasta, uncooked
2 eggs
3 T. soy sauce
1/2 tsp. sugar

Fry the bacon until crisp; remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. In the drippings sauté the onions lightly and stir in the rice and fideo noodles. Stir and cook for 5-6 minutes. Break the eggs into a little bowl and stir to blend; add the soy sauce and sugar and whisk together. Drizzle this over the rice mixture and stir continually until eggs are set and all is hot.

CJ’s tip: Other meats can be substituted such as pork, shellfish, chicken. If replacing the bacon, add a little vegetable oil to the skillet before sautéing the onion and add the meat at the time you add the cooked rice and fideo.

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - mrsbushaxe - 01-08-2010


I just made this Choo-choo rice for my son for lunch today and he loved it. I actually substituted 1/4 cup of "Mr Yoshida's Original" for the soysauce and left out the sugar.

Now I wish I had made a double batch!

Snowing here east of Cleveland ~ 6 more inches they say. Good thing the pantry & freezer are full. I'm not sure what's for dinner tonight. Probably, shredded beef taco salads in edible bowls.

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - Ennui - 01-08-2010

Jean, your Choo Choo rice sounds really good.

I have a lot of lemon flavored chicken left over from last night. I'll probably chop it up and make soup.

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - IcyMist - 01-08-2010

I don't know what I will be eating yet, my family will be treating me and my nephew (whose birthday is the 7th) to a meal out. I think we will be going to Outback because its one of my nephew's favorite places to eat. I honestly don't know why he likes that place the best, but I want to go some place he likes.

By the way, how long do I stay a "stranger"? It makes me feel weird like I am a pervert or something. [Image: scared5.gif]

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - cjs - 01-08-2010

...until we figure out you're not a pervert....

Re: Friday Dinner, January 8 '10 - chef_Tab - 01-08-2010

Gosh, and I am hoping she is a pervert.