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New GrandMa on the Block! - mjkcooking - 08-23-2009

Hi everyone - I know I have been on vacation for 10 days - had a wonderful
time - and when we returned - our grandson decided to be born !

So We are the proud grandparents of a 7#12 oz. baby boy Jackson Jude
Everyone is fine - we are so thrilled. What a wonderful experience.
Can't wait to go back and see him again. - and the parents of course.

Our Trip was highlighted by giving the Historical Society my mothers
dress from Graduation and her girl scout uniform - they were so very
happy with our gift. and we had some closure on Mom's passing.

we had wonderful weather and great food - Ate at lots of interesting
restaurants - Everything was huckleberry - so we enjoyed it all.
Happy to be back - and enjoying the form.


Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - esgunn - 08-23-2009

Oh Mayre, congratulations on the new grandbaby! What a wonderful time to come into this world. I know the passing of your mom was difficult, but what a wonderful way to preserve her memory!

Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - cjs - 08-23-2009

Welcome home, Marye and Congratlations on the new baby!!! Love his name.

We did this weekend what you did - going thru all my Mom's things at my sisters. Laughing, crying, remembering.... I'm now wearing (on my pinky - her hands were so small!!) Mom's wedding ring. AND the tracker is packed to the top with things that I sure don't need, but no way could either one of us get rid of. I told Roy I'm just going to unload this a.m. in the middle of the living room and it'll just stay there until I go thru it all....again!

Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - Mare749 - 08-23-2009

Glad you had a good trip, Marye and welcome home! Congratulations on the grandbaby. Isn't it just the best!!!

Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - labradors - 08-23-2009


Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - lxxf - 08-23-2009

Congratulations. Grandkids are wonderful.


Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - farnfam - 08-23-2009

Congrats, Marye! Still hoping to be in your shoes (grandbaby wise) someday

Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-23-2009

I'm glad your trip was lovely! And congratulations on becoming a grandma!

Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - Harborwitch - 08-23-2009

Congratulations on the new Grandson! That is so wonderful. Glad you had a good trip too!

Re: New GrandMa on the Block! - Old Bay - 08-23-2009

I was almost 60 before I had my first--congratulations!!! You will love him!!