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Re: Pineapple Crisp - Mare749 - 05-26-2010

Thank you for sharing your notes with us CG. I've played with this recipe also and had good results with canned pineapple as well.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - labradors - 05-27-2010

FINALLY made this. How could I not, with pineapples on sale two for $1.42? It was every bit as scrumptious as everyone has already said.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Gourmet_Mom - 05-27-2010

Ya'll are killing me here! This is Willam's FAVORITE! And I like it, too! OIY!

Re: Pineapple Crisp - cjs - 05-28-2010

Better late than never, Labs -

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Harborwitch - 07-26-2011

Dredging things up from the past - again! I'm going to suggest this for the "Island" themed party.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Gourmet_Mom - 07-26-2011

Not only will this be a great idea for your party, Sharon, you're timing is perfect! We're going to the mountains this weekend to see YS, and this ideal for a special dessert that doesn't require a lot of stuff to take with me that I'm not already taking! Not to mention, YS LOVES it!

BTW, is this a party at the restaurant or just social?

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Harborwitch - 07-27-2011

Restaurant. I'm helping Tonya with the menu.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - luvnit - 07-27-2011

Just made this the other day and served it at my Fajita & Margarita Party for my daughter's former teachers. They all loved it!

Re: Pineapple Crisp - BarbaraS - 07-27-2011

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!! How did this thread get only 3 stars? It needs a fourth.

And how do you rate threads, anyway?


Re: Pineapple Crisp - cjs - 07-27-2011

Barbara, I was wondering the same thing. I usually give **** (4 stars) so I thought someone brought it down.....?

I just looked and I did give it ***** a while back, so someone downgraded it. Jerks. Evidently I can't rate it again.