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Re: Pineapple Crisp - Lorraine - 05-06-2009

I'm bringing this back to the top, as I just got around to making it this week. Pineapples here are cheap this week, and very sweet. I had to cut down on the sugar, so did a variation of Maryann's lite version. I used 1/4 cup dark brown sugar . I cut the flour to 1/4 cup, added 3/4 cup rolled oats, and 1 cup toasted chopped almonds. Served warm with vanilla ice cream, it was great. Served cold without the ice cream, it was just as good. Thank you, Jean!

Re: Pineapple Crisp - cjs - 05-06-2009

about time to make this again... (plus I've added all the variations to play with)

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Mare749 - 05-06-2009

As much as we love oatmeal in apple crisp, for this recipe, I think the original version is the best, IMHO. If the pineapple is very sweet, then I might cut down on the sugar a little bit. Using brown sugar is a great idea too.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Harborwitch - 05-23-2010

I'm dragging this up to the top - tonight Cousin Roy is coming over for dinner and this is the dessert I'm going to make. It's a perfect summer recipe.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Mare749 - 05-23-2010

I was just thinking the same thing, Sharon! Time to make this again.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - luvnit - 05-23-2010

Really, I can seriously bribe my entire commumity with this... Really... so good.

OMG so good!

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Harborwitch - 05-24-2010

Snicker! Sent a big bowl home for Cousin Harry! Wonder if it will make it. Good grief this is good stuff.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - cjs - 05-24-2010

I was going to make it last weekend, but it got cut - time to make it again, tho!! Love this stuff. And, I hope you all think of Aunt Marjean when you make it - Thank heavens she cut this out of the paper for all of us!

Re: Pineapple Crisp - luvnit - 05-25-2010

Gotta make this soon. It was so wonderful. All my neighbors loved it. I made a double batch and that was not enough. THat's okay, keep them wanting more!

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Cubangirl - 05-26-2010

I was all set to make this but the pineapple was so good, I wanted to eat it raw. Since I had told DH I was planning to make it, I decided to do half the recipe with canned sliced pineapple. I ended up doing an adaptation of the adaptation. DH thought it was good and since it was so easy I should do it again. Here's what I did: I used 1 can (20oz) sliced Dole which I cut into small pieces. I added 2 TBS. dark brown sugar, 1 oz Capt. Morgan's coconut rum, 1/2 TBS. Kraft minute tapioca and a little over 4 TBS. of the reserved juice in the can. I let the mixture sit for the time it took me to gather and process the topping ingredients and wash the measuring spoons etc. about 15-20 minutes. In my mini food processor I put 6 TBS. regular Quaker oats, 2 TBS. unbleached KAF AP flour, 2 TBS. dark brown sugar, and pulsed till mixed and then added 2 TBS. unsalted cold butter butter cut into small bits, and a small pinch of kosher salt. I divided the pineapple into 2 round Corningware pint bowls, then put half of the oat/flour mixture on top. Put them on a shallow baking sheet and put them in my Krups convection toaster oven with the rack at its lowest setting. I baked them on the preset tart setting which effectively baked them at 450 for 20 minutes. I was going to add shredded coconut but decided to wait and I am glad I didn't, ditto for the almonds, at least when using canned pineapple.
As you can see, super easy and quick and with ingredients I always have on hand, a huge plus. I had some of mine while still hot and thought it was ok. I had it with some vanilla gelato. The top was a little too done and dry.
Here are the changes I am planning to make when I try again:
1.Lower the temp next time, on the convection setting to 400°F.
2. Reduce the oatmeal to 5 TBS. ( I had plenty of topping),
3. 2 TBS. butter might not be enough, so I'll try 3 next time and melt it before adding.
4. Add 1/4 tsp. of Princess cake flavoring to the melted butter.
5. Add 1/4 tsp. of Penzeys cinnamon to the topping.

DH said he could taste the coconut flavor, but I could not. I generally prefer fruit dishes cold, so I am reserving final judgment until I eat the second portion, now in the fridge. Making it in individual dishes allows me to eat mine at leisure, so I will do that again, or even put in LC ramekins for individual servings. The tiny Villa Dolce gelato containers are perfect for 2 portions.

After I perfect it for my taste with the canned, I will then try it with fresh since it is so cheap and good now. BTW, I just got the Vacuvin slicer/corer (the 3 size one) and love it.

Thank you all for the recipe and the adaptation, DH was very happy you bumped it.