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Re: Pineapple Crisp - cjs - 03-16-2009

" dried apricots, and a cup of fresh mango along with the pineapples." sounds like a great combination of flavors, Maryann.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Dismc - 03-16-2009

In the words of my daughter's boyfriend, this dessert is "phenomenal". I'm famous for getting away with melted ice cream and rum or grand marnier for sauces so that was our addition. That sauce is especially good with fresh blackberries. Anyway, thanks Jean for a great and easy dessert.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - cjs - 03-16-2009

you're welcome - what a lucky find that was! Bless my aunt.
That's what we had on our also - ice cream/rum. yum.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - bjcotton - 03-16-2009

Has anyone measured how much pineapple is in 1 "large" pineapple? I hope so since I can't find one. Also, having never used tapioca and therefore not having any, is there a substitute?

Re: Pineapple Crisp - cjs - 03-16-2009

Billy dear, where's your Food Lover's Companion????

1 med. pineapple = 5 cups cubes

Re: Pineapple Crisp - bjcotton - 03-16-2009

Never even thought to look there Love! It's laying right here on my desk.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - smschwag - 03-17-2009

I made this dessert yesterday. I had some leftover yellow cupcakes that were not iced so I used a few crumbled instead of the flour and sprinkled the top with chopped toasted pecans. It was very good but veeery sweet. I used all the proportions in the recipe but my pineapple was not the size the recipe called for so I had too big a baking dish and too much topping. Since I can't get a larger pineapple, next time I will use a smaller dish and adjust the topping accordingly. Still a great dessert and there definitely will be a next time!!!

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Mare749 - 03-17-2009

What a great idea, Shirley. Never would have thought to use cupcakes in the crumbs. I'm thinking that your combination would be tasty on a pear crisp also.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - Mare749 - 03-22-2009

Gee, does it look like I just love this dessert? Well, yes, and so does my entire family!

Although the original recipe is the best, I decided to try a "lite" version of it, and also used canned pineapple to see how it would compare. It came out quite well. Here is what I did:

For the pineapple: 2 cans and half of the juice
2 T. sugar, 2 T. tapioca
For the topping: 1/2 c. brown sugar, 1/2 c. flour
1/2 c. oatmeal, 1/2 c. chopped almonds
1/4 c. butter

Ron and I both thought this turned out very well considering that I took out half of the butter and half of the sugar, although I did add the nuts. By cutting down on the sugar, the whole dish went from very sweet to a nice sweet-tart taste that we enjoyed. We didn't have any ice cream to go with this, but Ron decided to chop up a banana in his and said it was great.

Re: Pineapple Crisp - cjs - 03-23-2009

Maryann, your variation copied and added to the recipe. The tartness would be good I think also.