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Keeping Up with Recipe Reviews - Sage - 01-08-2009

I really appreciate all of the reviews that are shared when someone tries a C@H recipe, and I'm wondering how everyone keeps up with them, if at all?

Like so many of you, I use MasterCook, and I have a cookbook set up solely for C@H recipes. When someone does a review, if I already have the recipe entered, I add the comments to the notes section. If I don't have it entered, I create a recipe file with the title and the word review (so I'll know it doesn't include the recipe), then add the comments. Hopefully at some point someone will post the recipe that I can then copy over, or I'll go back and scan/type it up at a later date.

When I get ready to try a recipe, I'll check MC to see if there are any comments, and sometimes I'll do a search of the forum to see if maybe I missed a review (although searching the forum can sometimes be a PITA).

For the recipes that are really raved over, I have a category designated as "must try" that I check. (One of the recipes I have marked is the Chicken Parmesan Roulades...I swear I'm going to get around to making that one soon!)

I'm wondering, what is the method to your madness? Or am I the only one who is this crazy?


Re: Keeping Up with Recipe Reviews - DFen911 - 01-08-2009

I wish I could get my mastercook to work on my home pc.

Your idea is great! I may start doing that here at my office. At least I can make a backup of my files here and print them to take home

Re: Keeping Up with Recipe Reviews - farnfam - 01-08-2009

That sounds great, Karen. I don't have much method, mostly madness If a recipe gets raves, I go look it up or print it from the post. Then if we loved it too, I jot my comments next to it, in the mag or on a post it. Your way sounds far more efficient.

Re: Keeping Up with Recipe Reviews - Sage - 01-08-2009


I wish I could get my mastercook to work on my home pc.

Is it because of Vista? Is so, have you tried following the directions outlined on this web page? From what I've read, a lot of people have been successful getting MC to run with Vista following these instructions.

Re: Keeping Up with Recipe Reviews - Roxanne 21 - 01-08-2009

I just make notes on the recipe. I am fortunate to have all of the issues so that is fairly easy. I do lag behind on current issues due to foreign post but I keep track of comments on a notepad next to the computer and enter when I finally do receive my copy. Works for me.

Re: Keeping Up with Recipe Reviews - Gourmet_Mom - 01-08-2009

I do pretty much what you do, except, I hadn't thought of saving comments of recipes I don't have...good idea. When I first came on here, I spent my Christmas vacation searching as many reviews and recipes I could find and saved them to my A Must Try cookbook. I wasn't saving the comments back then, but I have since started going back and adding the comments when I try the recipe. (I always saved the internet address to make this easier.)

One other thing that I do, when I try a recipe and like it, I add the date and my comments and move it to my A Favorite cookbook. (I got the idea to put the A in front from either Billy or Jean. I like that because it puts that cookbook at the top of my cookbook list.)

Re: Keeping Up with Recipe Reviews - HomeCulinarian - 01-08-2009

If I'm going to make something I look here for comments, unless of course too much time has passed and I forgot that it was ever reviewed here.

When I first got MC, I started putting my CAH recipes in it, then tapered off because I go to the magazine when I'm going to make it, not MC. Also, I've always written comments and adjustments directly in my cookbooks; if they're anyplace else I wouldn't see them. I do put recipes found here that are not in CAH or a book I already have and call that book "Want To Try". Once I try something from there, it moves to the trash or saved to a Favorites book. Similar to what I've always done with clipped recipes from various sources. They are in a card file and if we like it, the recipe moves to a sleeve in my binder, otherwise, it goes in the circular file.

I'm impressed with every one's organizational skills. I am an anal retentive wannabee!