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Good Lord! - bjcotton - 01-06-2009

Just received a call from my BIL, he's on his way back from California. He called to tell me he'd be back about 8:00 PM tonight and has 55 lbs of Navel oranges and 20 lbs of Sweet grapefruit. Whenever he's in Calif. and sees one of the people that sell citrus along side the road he stops and buys a bunch of it. Likes this one particular vendor. He calls all the brothers and sisters and tells them he's got fruit and they converge like hogs at a slop trough.

Re: Good Lord! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-06-2009

Oh my! Get the juicer and cube trays ready! Sure is a shame you can't slice and freeze.

Re: Good Lord! - Harborwitch - 01-06-2009

Geeze! That's almost as many oranges as you took home??

Re: Good Lord! - foodfiend - 01-06-2009

Wish I had a brother like that...

Re: Good Lord! - bjcotton - 01-06-2009

We had to throw some of the last bunch away there were so many...I don't think you're supposed to eat them when they turn green a second time

Re: Good Lord! - Harborwitch - 01-06-2009

Just green or green & furry?????

Re: Good Lord! - Old Bay - 01-06-2009

You can juice the ruby grapefruit and freeze in plastic. Breakfast juice or better, salty dogs for weeks!! I've done it--Jane's kids (and me) love salty dogs!!

Re: Good Lord! - buzzard767 - 01-07-2009

Fresh fruit is wonderful. I trade meyer lemons from my tree for grapefruit from my golf buddy's. Today he gave me a bag full and it made about four quarts of juice. There are many orange trees on my golf course and I always collect a half dozen or so to bring home. They look terrible with a blackish skin so they could never be sold in a store. They are sooooo good. Last night I made a version of lemon chicken with orange juice and garlic slices. Yummy.


Re: Good Lord! - cjs - 01-07-2009

Hope you grab some when he comes thru! Love grapefruit - hey Billy, make some of this and we'll stop by on our way thru. (got this a long time ago from C2C, but can't rememeber who)

* Exported from MasterCook *

Grapefruit Liqueur

6 medium or large red or yellow grapefruit
3 cup -- 80 proof vodka
1 cup water
2 tbsp whole corriander seed
1 tsp ground cinnamon
4 cup white sugar


Cut or scrape off zest, yellow part of rind. Then peel grapefruit and discard pith or white part. Separate grapefruit sections and cut each section into several pieces. Combine the rest of the ingredients. Cover.

Leave to infuse for several weeks. Strain and let the liqueur

clear for a week to 10 days. Carefully pour off the clear liqueur. If desired, a small amount of yellow or red food dye may be added for a stronger color.

Re: Good Lord! - farnfam - 01-07-2009

OOOooooo, Jean that's very tempting right there. Hope I can find some reasonably priced grapefruits somewhere