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New Low Carb Cookbook - Trixxee - 01-02-2009

Well, I just had to order it from C@H today. FYI, it does say limited quantities available. $9.95. I hope it's a good one.

Re: New Low Carb Cookbook - cjs - 01-02-2009

There's a new one? I have one and had it what, a couple years? hmmmm, will have to look at covers and see if different.

Re: New Low Carb Cookbook - Trixxee - 01-03-2009

Well, that's a good question! I assumed it was new because I had never seen it for sale before. It looks like there's a pork chop, spinach and mashed potatoes (though I suspect it may really be cauliflower) on the cover.

Re: New Low Carb Cookbook - esgunn - 01-03-2009

I'm Pretty sure it is the original one - just re-released. You couldn't buy it for a long time. I really like it. Some of our favorite vegetable sides came from that book.

Re: New Low Carb Cookbook - HomeCulinarian - 01-03-2009

That's one I didn't get. Just looked at the website and don't find that it's available. Where did you see it?

Disregard!!! I went back and found it. You and to click on it from the ad, it doesn't appear on the regular list of books available. Also tried to order the new Cooking for 2 with it at the discount price, it didn't work that way. I'm expecting the new Cooking for 2 to be available at Sam's soon enough.