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Shallots - Mr6Sigma - 11-06-2008

Okay, so the recipe says use x number of shallots. Well, shallots it seems come in pods with multiple individually wrapped cloves. So when the recipe says use 1 shallot does it mean 1 whole shallot or 1 clove?

Re: Shallots - Gourmet_Mom - 11-06-2008

Welcome Mr6Sigma! I hope you'll hang around! We LOVE having new members!

I'd use the whole shallot, but then I like shallots! Maybe if you tell us what kind of dish you're making, it would help. You don't want to overpower a delicate main ingredient.

Re: Shallots - farnfam - 11-06-2008

Good question! I don't know the answer, but good question I use the whole thing as 1 shallot, or as many as it takes to do 1C minced whatever. We like them and don't care if there's extra. But it'd be good to know what exactly the recipe is asking for.


Re: Shallots - HomeCulinarian - 11-06-2008

From Wikipedia: Unlike onions where each plant normally forms a single bulb, shallots form clusters of offsets, rather in the manner of garlic.

I use the whole shallot when the recipe calls for one.

Welcome, Mr6Sigma!

Re: Shallots - firechef - 11-06-2008

Consider each section a "clove" like a clove of garlic...if a recipe calls for "1 clove of garlic" you use one clove not the entire "bulb" same holds true for shallots. Like a garlic clove you would pick the size of the shallot "clove" by the amount of flavour you would like...

That is my take from my NECI days.

Re: Shallots - bbally - 11-07-2008

Commerically they come packaged already seperated and peeled. The commercial recipe calls for one shallot... it means one of the cloves.

Re: Shallots - firechef - 11-07-2008

Wow Bob I got one right!!!

Re: Shallots - Lorraine - 11-07-2008

I guess I'm the odd person out. When it calls for a shallot, I use the whole thing, regardless of how many so called "cloves " are in it. I haven't ruined anything yet.

Re: Shallots - firechef - 11-07-2008

If you like the flavour do what you enjoy and like...Lorraine, you of all people should know that one!!! You and so many more have been telling me that for more than three years between here and somewhere else on the web!!!

Re: Shallots - BarbaraS - 01-10-2009


How many TBS would you equate to one shallot?

I'm making that mushroom sauce from the Holiday book and it calls for 2 shallots. All minced up, I'm looking at 3 TSB of shallot.