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Thursday's Dinner??? - cjs - 08-21-2008

This won't be as much fun now that so many of you have to go back to work, but...

I'm making Zucchini Parmigiana (a zucc got away from me, so it's a big one for nice slices )

and probably some smoked lamb...

What's everyone else up to?

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - chef_Tab - 08-21-2008

It is so warm and muggy here today. I am thinking about a Greek salad, but have not decided what to make with it. Might be grilled salmon. I definitely do not want the oven or stove on today! Although, fish tacos are sounding pretty good at the moment too. Darn, now I am hungry.

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - Corinne - 08-21-2008

I'm baking a chicken and making broccoli and cheese stuffed potatos. That and a salad is IT.

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - HomeCulinarian - 08-21-2008

I'm making BLT pasta from Cooking for Two and a salad.

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - Harborwitch - 08-21-2008

I have a dentist's appointment at 5:00 so I'm reserving judgement - might be the zucchini soup!

I've got a broken tooth, this is a first time appointment with a new dentist. If he even hints that I need 6 months of cleanings before he can fix the tooth I'll deck him and be home immediately.

I'd really like a nice big hunk of beef on the grill with some grilled corn on the cob and a nice big salad. Yum.

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - Old Bay - 08-21-2008

We are going to a wine makers dinner, hosted by Caldwell Vineyards of Napa.He will be pouring four of his wines with the dinner--we are really excited and will give a report!

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - cjs - 08-21-2008

yes, would love to hear the report on the wines, bill!

I made a pear & port reduction today, so will probably have a salad to use up the pears... Too much food around here and we're leaving town tomorrow morning. Will be able to post on Daphne's thread about freezing and heating.

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - chef_Tab - 08-21-2008


I'm making BLT pasta from Cooking for Two and a salad.

I have got to stop reading these threads after the menu is planned and the shopping is done! Now I want this BLT pasta! I just read the recipe and oh, boy does it look good. Thanks for the idea for the weekend tho! I can't wait to hear how you liked it.

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - - 08-21-2008

We are having smoked pork chops, black eyed peas, Mexican cornbread, and dilled rice. The BLT pasta sounds great - where is the recipe???

Re: Thursday's Dinner??? - farnfam - 08-21-2008

We had an early meal. It was cuke and spinach salad with red onion and topped with sweetened rice vinegar and chopped peanuts, Tilapia with lemon basil and bread crmb coating and brown rice with peas. Sort of simple. It was a nice day so we're back to cutting the last bits of wood for winter
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