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Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - cjs - 03-23-2008

I hate baking and pastry making!!!! It takes witchcraft to master it, I'm swear!!!!

We're going to the neighbors for dinner and I'm taking a couple of things - one, I'll post the recipe for tomorrow, it's very tasty - Leek & Walnut Fritters

but.... I also made a lemon pie, I don't know why I would do that to take to someone's home, but I did - here's how it turned out.

[Image: lemonpieone.jpg]





But, here's the other side....

[Image: piemess.jpg]

I always get over ambitious with crimping the crust and because it's almost my favorite part, I 'tend' to make it too much and it just collapses on (or off... ) itself.

Well, at least I know it will taste good. Now, you all know my deep down secret!

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - luvnit - 03-23-2008

Still looks great to me! FedEx that other side to my address. We'll eat it!

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - Gourmet_Mom - 03-23-2008

Hey, we'd eat it too! I'll have that whole piece of crust on my plate with a little pie.

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - firechef - 03-23-2008

Nothing wrong with that pie...if you wanted that "perfect" look you'd have a couple of pastry types on the household staff or a "frozen" pie.

If I was at work I'd whine and cry over the crust is a touch of homey-ness to share with others and laugh and tell a story about. Remember it isn't just the food, it's the stories behind them and the memories it all combines to make...

Looks tasty and like a grandmother made it...for a holiday or any meal with friends and family that is what I would want. Job well done...

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - Mare749 - 03-23-2008

That pie looks pretty terrific, if you ask me! And lemon is right at the top of my favorite pies. I know that's going to stick in my head like a broken record and sometime this week, a lemon pie will have to be made.

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - esgunn - 03-24-2008

Jean, I think it looks absolutely beautiful. I have a baking dissaster to share.

I got up this morning and while the kids were going berzerk over their easter baskets and egg hunting. Made my apple pie - no problems. Make the simple lemon syrup for my raspberry compote so it can sit at room temp and Off to church we go. Came home got the Lemon chess pie in the oven, the kids lunch warming up, first round of dishes done, and start the puree of raspberries with the syrup in the blender. (I have never made anyting like this before - easy you might think). Well, the timer goes off for the pie, and the kids lunch is done and the berries are not quite thawed and being a little stubborn in pureeing. Turn my back with the blender running. Take pie out, which is almost over done. Hear all kinds of racket behind me. Turn just intime to see the blender carafe fly off the blender, hit the counter, then the floor and shatter. Glass and raspberry compote and gooey simple syrup everywhere. THe kids come runing into the kitchen, the dog thinks this is a good opportunity to have a snack, and lunch is about burned. I was afraid the kids or the dog would get themselves cut on all that glass. Oh what a mess. I think my syrup cooled too much and with the berries it just locked up the blender.

I got it all cleaned up, had enough time and ingredients to make try a second batch. Although I am now short a blender. Made it in the food processor which is what I should have used the first time. Live and learn.

By the way - both pies and the compote were a huge hit.

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - firechef - 03-24-2008

Glad it all turned out good in the end...sorry about the blender. Glad nobody got hurt on the glass. I would have given up and cried in the corner if all of that had happened at once. Yikes...

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - Gourmet_Mom - 03-24-2008

Glad all turned out well! The disaster could have been much worse. One lucky Momma!

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - labradors - 03-24-2008

Almost sounds like it could be an episode of one of Lucy's shows!

Glad nobody was hurt.

Re: Baking/Pastry = Sorcery or Thaumaturgy - cjs - 03-24-2008

" like a grandmother made it..." - LJ, yes a grandmother, but a grandmother who is supposed to be a professional, for ------ sakes!!!

Oh, PJ - I had a kitchen look just like yours a few years ago - our old friend (Houseboat Don ) was making a raspberry coulis for me and thot he was removing the blender jar from the machine, but he was really unscrewing it. AND like you - raspberry coulis all over and down every surface! luckily no broken glass, just a very embarassed dingaling standing there with an empty container.

Raspberries stain, don't they?