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Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - cjs - 02-13-2008

Eating out of the freezer - pkg. of pulled pork for another round of sandwiches and cole slaw.

And you guys?

Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - Trixxee - 02-13-2008

I'm marinating a flank steak in an asian-y sauce (soy sauce, chili paste, garlic, rice wine vinegar, ginger, sesame oil). My husband will grill it (I don't grill!). Steamed rice and steamed carrots on the side.

Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - cjs - 02-13-2008

"grill it " - minute I saw this, I looked over to see where you were... not too many want to brave the elements to grill right now (we're lucky!)

Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - Trixxee - 02-13-2008

One of the few perks (and I mean few!) of living in So. Cal. is the winter weather. There aren't too many days you can't cook outside.

Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - HomeCulinarian - 02-13-2008

We're planning to have the Bistro Beef with cheddar biscuits from Weeknights II.

Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - Harborwitch - 02-13-2008

Tonight is Stir Fried Beef Stew, Mango Couscous (?), Sweet Potato & Green Olive Salad, and possibly injeera.

I got my copy of the Samuelsson cookbook in the mail!!! Playing between that and the Moroccan cookbook for tonight.

Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - pjcooks - 02-13-2008

Grill? What's that? Oh, yeah, that lump on my deck that's been covered by the hundred inches of snow this year Didn't catch it in time to keep it shoveled out, now it's iced in. Sounds like fun, though.

HC, I want to try that, too, let me know how it comes out. We're just having baked haddock, steamed veggies and whatever starch I can find.


Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - Gourmet_Mom - 02-13-2008

I had to go to the doctor today...he thinks I've just got bronchitus (sp?), but did a chest x-ray to make sure it wasn't pneumonia. I don't feel THAT bad, but who knows.

I got to go to one of our "regular restaurants" doctor is still in Southport and hubby just took me along since he still works there. I saw the doc and William worked a little while until the rain sent them inside. I also got to go to a REAL grocery store....what fun! REAL produce!

For dinner I'm trying to decide between Jean's Satay or the rigatoni sirloin gorgonzola recipe someone posted the other day.

Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - bjcotton - 02-13-2008

Trixee, I remember sitting in the backyard picking tomatoes off the vine on Christmas day with the temp around 75 when I lived in San Diego...not up here though.

We're having a Chef's salad for supper tonight with a Boule of Sour Dough sliced with butter, garlic, and parmesan then under the broiler for a few. If I can get up the energy we'll have Lorraine's Bavarian Apple Torte for dessert.

Re: Wednesday, the 13th, Dinner??? - esgunn - 02-13-2008

Salsa Chicken - or that is my name for it anyway. We had bought some mild fresh style salsa this last weekend and didn't not like it very much. Just very bland - but we bought mild for the kids. So, I put red pepper strips, onion and orange pepper strips in the bottom of the crock pot, chicken breasts on top, seasoning and then the salsa. Cooked on high a few hours. Shredded chicken. Will serve over rice with cheese and sour cream, and corn on the side - a very orange/yellow dish, but oh well. I know my hubby won't be very excited about the dinner, but we have one sick kid, and it is just an easy night. He is never very excited about crockpot meals unless it is pulled pork, taco soup, or chicken curry.